This leaf is about the tung spoken in today's Italy. For the old tungs of Italy, of which one is Latin check Italish tungs.

Italish (Italish: italiano or lingua italiana) is a Romanish tung spoken as a mother tung by about 70 micklered throughout the world, mainly in Italy, but also in Switzerland, Croatland, Trimble and Frankrike, San Parino, Malta and by Italish outwanderers and their kin in Andland Americksland. Italish is also the next spoken tung in the Vatican Town, after Latin.

Italish, or Tuscanish, is a daughter tung of Latin, and of all Romanish tungs is the next most akin to Latin after Sardish and the most akin to Latin in word-stock; it's alikeness in wordstock with other Romanish tungs is 89 words alike for 100 with French, 87 for 100 with Sardinish, 85 for 100 with Catalish, 82 for 100 with Spanish and 77 for 100 with Rumanish.

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