Indo-Europish is a speechkin made up of many tungs spoken by inborn folk from the western edges of Europe to eastern India, that today has spread across the world, and inholds eight of the eleven most spoken mother tungs in the world. This speechkin or speechstock has many limbs: Theedish, Celtish, Slavish, Greekish, Italish, Ind-Aryanish, Iranish, Albanish, Hittish. These tungs all share the same forebear known as Or-Ind-Europish. This speech is not known from any writings, but is thought to have once been for the uncanny likenesses between the speeches of the aforesaid boughs, and has been built again by speechloremen through its afterbear tungs, who have taken the way of overstride-likening to find again many of the lost words and stavecrafts of this ortung. It was spoken roughly four thousand years ago, somewhere near the Black Sea. Or-Ind-Europish was a highly stavecraftish speech, brooking many wordbendings to get across meaning, like its oldtimely daughters Romish, Greek, and Sanskrit, and unlike New English, which instead brooks word setup and helping words to get across meaning.


  • Albanish - True Albanish
  • Anatolish (dead)
  • Armenish - True Armenish
  • Balt-Slavish - Baltish - Lithwish, Latvish; Slavish - Russish, Polish, Slesish, Bohemish, Slovakish, Slovenish, Serbish, Croatish, Bosnish, Macedonish, Bulgarish
  • Celtish - Scottish Gaelish, Irish, Welsh, Breton
  • Hellenish - Greek
  • Ind-Iranish - Ind-Aryanish - Old: Sanskrit, Pali; Nowtide: Hindustani, Bengali, Punjabi, Marathi, Gujarati, Oriya, Assamese, Sindhi; Iranish - Old: Avesta, Nowtide: Persish, Tajik, Pashto, Balochish, Kurdish, Zaza
  • Italish - Old: Latin; Nowtide: Romance - Portugalish, Spanish, French, Italish, Romanish, Catalanish
  • Theedish - Old: Old High Theech (Old Rhinish), Old Norse, Old English, Old Saxish, Old Frankish (Old Netherlandish), Old Frisish; Nowtide: English, Lowland Scottish, (High) Theech (Rhinish), Nethersaxish (Nethertheech), Frisish, Netherlandish, Norish, Danish, Swedish, Icelandish
  • Tocharish (dead)
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Indo-Europish tungs
Theedish tungs North Theedish tungs: Faroish tung - Norish tung - Icelandish (High Icelandish) - Old Norse - Old Gutnish - South Jutish - Danish tung - Swedish tung - Elfdalsk tung (moot) - Norn tung (dead)
West Theedish tungs:
Weser-Rhine Theedish tungs: Old Low Frankish - Netherlandish tung - Highsunlandish tung - Limburgish tung - Zeelandish tung - Flemish byleid
Elbe Theedish tungs: Old High Theech - Theech tung - Allmenish tung - Bairish tung - Wymysorys tung - Lombard tung (dead) - Littleburgish tung , Hunsridgish tung - Yiddish tung - Ripuarish tung
North Sea Theedish tungs: Saxish (Old Saxish - Middle Low Saxish - Low Saxish tung) | English (Old English tung - Middle English tung - English tung - Anglish (moot) - Lowland Scottish tung - Yola) - Freesish (Old Freesish tung - Western Freesish - Northern Freesish - Saterland Freesish)

East Theedish tungs (dead): Gottish tung - Wendish tung - Burgundish tung

Celtish tungs Mainland Celtish tungs (dead): Celtiberish tung - Cisalpine Gaulish tung - Galatish tung - Gallaecish tung - Gaulish tung - Lepontish tung - East Celtic tung - Iberi-Celtish tungs
Gelish tungs: Gelish tung - Scots Gelish tung - Manx tung - Galloway Gelish (dead)
Brythonish tungs: Cornish tung - Manx tung - Wonted Brythonish tung (dead) - Cumbrish tung (dead) - Breton tung - Ivernish tung (dead)
Other: Pictish tung (dead) - Shelta - Beurla Reagaird(craftspeech)
Balt-Slavish tungs Slavish tungs:
East Slavish tungs: Russish tung - Borderish tung - White Russish tung
West Slavish tungs: Slesish tung - Polish tung - Bohemish tung - Slovakish tung - Kashubish tung
South Slavish tungs: Serb-Croatish (Serbish tung - Blackbarrowish tung - Bosnish tung - Croatish tung) - Bulgarish tung - Macedonish tung - Slovenish tung

Baltish tungs: Lithuish tung - Lettish tung - Old Prussish - Kurish
Italish tungs Sabellish tungs (dead): Oscish tung - Old Venetish - Umbrish tung

Latish-Faliscish tungs (dead):
Latish (Folklatish) - Faliscish tung
Romanish tungs: Italish-Western tungs:
Italish-Damatalish:Damatalish tung (dead) - Istriotish tung - Tuscish tung - Venetish tung - Corsicish tung - Sassarish tung - Sicilish tung - Neapolish tung - Italish tung
Western-Romenish tungs: Gaulish-Romanish (Old French tung - Middle French tung - French tung - Picardish tung - Wallonish tung - Normandish tung (Engel-Normandish) - Burgundish tung (Romanish) - Arpitish tung - Savoyardish tung - Gallosk tung - Romansh tung - Occitsh tung - Catalandish tung - Piedmontish tung - Ligurish tung - Lombardish tung) | Iberish (Spanish tung - Aragonish tung - Galicish tung - Leonish tung - Mirandish tung - Falash tung - Portugalish tung - Mozarabish tung (dead) - Sephardish tung)
Eastern-Romanish tungs: Romeenish tung - Arromeenish tung - Sardinish tung

Greekish Tungs Greekish tung - Grikosh Tung - Tsakonish tung - Pontish tung - Yevanish tung - Cappadocish Greekish - Calabrish tung
Tocharish tungs (dead) Turfanish - Kucheish - Kröanish
Anatolish tungs (dead) Hittish - Lydiash - Luish - Lycish - Palaish
Indo-Iranish tungs Indo-Aryish: Bengalish - Hindish - Urdu - Roma - Punjabish

Iranish: Balochish - Pashto - Persish - Kurdish

Other Indo-Europish Albanish tung - Armenish tung - Dacish tung (dead) - Illyrish tungs (dead) - Old Ligurish tung (dead) - Phrygish tung (dead) - Thracish tung (dead) -
Other tungs:
Other Chinish tung - Japanish tung - Arabish tung - Ulgarish (Finnish tung - Ungarish tung - Livonish tung) - Esperantish tung - Vasconish tung - Klingon - Swahilish tung - Coptish tung - Georgeish tung - Greenlandish tung - Cherokee tung - Turkish tung - Mongolish tung - Tibetish tung - Siberish tungs - Lakotish tung - Laadan - Vietnamish tung - Etruscish tung