Flag of Iceland
Ó Guð vors lands. (O, God of Our Land.)
Headstead (and Biggest Stead) Reekswick
Revetung Icelandish
Inwonername Icelander

- Foresitter
- Firstthane
Onefoldness Ledeweard Edfolkness
Guðni Th. Jóhannesson
Bjarni Benediktsson
Reeving body Althing
Landswath 102,775 miles²
- In full
- Huddlemete
32.386 miles²
Full Homeland Output
- In full
- By fellow
2016 guessing:
$18 thrisand
Yield Icelandish Króna (ISK)

Iceland (Icelandish: Ísland or Lýðveldið Ísland) is an iland in the northwest of Eveland. Its headtown and greatest town is Reekswick.


By the Book of Icelanders, Iceland is believed to have been first dwelt upon in 874 by the Norseman Ingólfur Arnarson in the stead he named "Reykjavik" (Bight of Smoke) forof the rising earthwarmed steam there. Ingólfur was followed by more Norse lords and their kin, as well as many Irish and Scottish thralls.

In year 930 a lawmooting was made, called the "Alþingi" ("Allthing") one of the earliest lawmoots in the world. The Alþingi passed laws and dooms upon the Icelandish folk.

Up until the H10th, Icelanders held to their heathen ways, but there was a growing thring from Europe for the folk to become Christly. A lord of the Alþingi, Þorgeirr Ljósvetningagoði, said forth that Iceland should become Christly to stop unfrith between the Christtrothen and the heathens, though he let the heathen folk stay true to their ways in hushthought. Later, even this right was taken away.

In the mid H13th, there was a time of strife amongst the Icelanders called the Tide of the Sturlungs (Icelandish: Sturlungaöld). It's tale is told in the Sturulunga Saga. In this time, the mighty leaders (goðar) fought one another, amongst them the Sturlungs, the mightiest clan in Iceland. Among them was the great Icelandish learned man Snorri Sturlason. At the end of the Sturlunga Tide, Iceland found itself under the feemanship of Norway. In 1380, Norway and Iceland came under the hold of Denmark.

In the H19th, driven by welkinish and earthlorish mishaps and a great hunger throughout the land, many Icelanders left Iceland for the New World. However, at home there was a drive for selfhood, led by Jón Sigurðsson. In 1874, Iceland was given selfhood by Denmark, which was grown further in 1904.

Throughout World War Two, Iceland kept itself unsided, though it was later taken over by British fyrd. Later, many American bands were sent to Iceland as well. In 1944, Iceland got full selfhood from Denmark, though Denmark was still under the hold of Nazi Theechland at that time. In 1949, Iceland became a limb of NATO, though Iceland would not set upon another land. The Americ landmight had many bands in Iceland, with a Loftweir stead at Keflavik, before leaving In 2006.

Between 1950 and 1970, Iceland had flites with the Foroned Kingdom over fishing, which was later called the Cod Wars. Iceland's fishing bounds were swelled to 12 miles from the shore in 1958, and later to 50 miles in 1972, and 200 miles in 1975. The Banded Kingdom did not acknowledge Iceland's right to these waters, and kept fishing there. This brought the two lands into a small clash of fishing ships. Iceland then threatened to shut down the lofthub at Keflavik, and the Banded Kingdom later told its fishermen to stay out of Iceland's 200 mile fishing bounds.

Today, Iceland is one of the leading lands in the benchmark of living. By the Banded Lands, Iceland is one of best lands in which to live.

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