Hermod is the first wanderer in the Sunhood, and its year lasts 88 Earth days. As there is no loft on Hermod, it becomes rather cold at night, as low as 100 K (−173 °C; −280 °F). It is also rather hot throughout the day, reaching 700 K (427 °C; 800 °F) in some herns. The northmost and southmost deals never reach above 180 K (−93 °C; −136 °F). Hermod's axle has the smallest tilt of any wanderer; about one 30th of a mete. At its pathspot farthest away from the Sun, it is 50% further away than at its nearest.

Hermod has no seles, unlike the other wanderers. It is namely mind-drawing in that: as seen from the fixed stars, it self-wherves thrice for every two spors, but its days are two years long, from a stowly frameset. As Hermod's spor lies within Earth's, it can be seen in the morning and in the evening, but never at night. Also, like Freyja and the Moon, it's bild frothers. Although Hermod can seem rather bright when seen from Earth, its nearness to the Sun often makes it harder to see than Freyja.

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