440px-Nijlânnermolen Workum
736px-Frisian flag.svg

Flag of the shire of Freesland

Freesland is the northernmost shire in the Netherlands. It has 646,318 inwoners and an overflat of 6198,64 km2, of which 2849,38 km2 is water.
Dutch West Frisian English Writ given
Leeuwarden Ljouwert Leeworth 1285; anewed in 1435
Sneek Snits Snitch 1456
IJlst Drylts Ealich 1268
Sloten Sleat Sleat 1426
Stavoren Starum Staverham 1118
Hindeloopen Hylpen Hindleaping 1285
Workum Warkum Workham 1399
Bolsward Boalsert Bolesward 1425
Harlingen Harns Harlings 1234
Franeker Frjentsjer Freanaker 1374
Dokkum Dokkum Dockham 1298

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