French (French: français) is a Romanish tung spoken as a first tung by about 136 thousand-thousand folk worldwide. Moreover, some 200 thousand-thousand folk speak or learn to speak French as a learned tung. Most first speakers of French live in Frankrike, while others live in Canada (mostly in the great shire of Quebec), Belgland, Switzerland, Monaco, Luxemburgh, and the folkdom of Louisiana in the Banded Folkdoms of Americksland. The greatest gathering of folk who speak French as a learned tung lies in French-speaking Highsunland, where many speak Highsun tungs along with French.

French is a daughter tung of Latin, its nearest kin are the oïl tungs (French: langues d'oïl), such as Walloon and Burgundish, and French-rooted creole tungs, which are spoken in Highsunland, Americksland and other lands settled by the French. Its unfolding saw inflow from the Celtish tungs spoken in Gaul and the Teutonish Frankish tung of the after-Roman Frankish overruners. From the 17th hundredyear to the mid 20th hundredyear, French was widely used as the working tung or bridge tung of learned folk and mootsmen in Europe.

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