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Freesland/Friesland (New English Frisia; OE Frysland, Freslond) is a landship on the North Sea-coast of the Netherlands and Dutchland (th.i. Theetchland), in the Dutch/Theetch Bight (NE German Bight; Theetch Deutsche Bucht). Oversettings in the tungs of the land: Westfreesh: Fryslân; Northfreesh: Fraschlönj/Friislon; Saterfreesh/Selterish (Eastfreesh): Fräislound; Eastfreesh-Netherdutch: Freesland; Greenings Fraislaand; Netherlandish: Friesland; Danish: Frisland. It takes its name from the Freesh folk who have dwellt along the seashore and eylands of this stretch of land since oldendom, and who speak an underdealing (NE subgroup) of the Ingvaeonish/North Sea-Theedish tungs (a samening of near-akin Westgermanish tungs). Freesh is the nearest kintung to English, after Scots.

The landship is made up of sundry swathes (New English regions), each with its own folkways a.s.f:

  • West Freesland in the Netherlandish shire of North Holland.
  • The Netherlandish shire of Freesland (Netherlandish Friesland; Westfreesh and ambitly Fryslân)
  • In the Dutch/Theetch shire of Nethersaxland:
    • East Freesland (Ostfriesland)
    • Saterland/Salterland (Saterland)
    • the Landkreis (NE district) of Freesland (Friesland) as well as the seatown of Wilhelmshaven
    • the erstwhile, now long gone middelolderly shire of Rustringen (Rüstringen), nowadays: Boutyading (Butjadingen), Steadland (Stadland), the Freesh Wood (Friesische Wehde), Farel (Varel) (The last two belonging to the Landkreis Friesland)
    • Land Worthston (Land Wursten), Steading (Stedingen), and Easterstead (Osterstade)
    • The Wade Sea (NE Wadden Sea, Theetch Wattenmeer, Nethl. Waddenzee, Westfreesh Waadsee) eyland of Newark (Neuwerk) in the Hamburgh boroughwick of the same name.
    • In Sleswick-Holstan (Schleswig-Holstein):
      • the North Sea eyland Heligoland (Helgoland)
      • North Freesland (Nordfriesland), inholding the nowadays Kreis Nordfriesland. This is the northernmost deal of Freesland, lying between the mouths of the streams Eider (< OE *Ēgores-dōr ; Cf. ON Ægis-dyrr; a.k.a. in Anglish as Fiveldore < OE Fīfeldōr) and Widea (Wiedau; OE *Widuēa < Ortheedish *Widu-aχwō)

In olden days lands reaching from the nowadays Iselmere (Nethl. IJsselmeer; Freesh Iselmar) to the mouth of the Rhine, and the Umbland (Neth. Ommeland; a.k.a. 'Little Freesland') of Greening (Nethl. Groningen) also belonged to Freesland. The Freesh folk also took deal in the besettling of England during the Folkwandering, greatly shaping the speech that unfolded into the English tung, and leaving many a mark in stead-names in England.

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