Two Presidents

The 44th and 45th Foresitters, Barrack Obama and Donald Trump, with their First Ladies at Trump's Swearing-in.

The Foresitter of the Banded Folkdoms of America (FOTBF) is the head of rike and head of steership of the Banded Folkdoms. Right now, the Foresitter is Donald Trump. The Foresitter is chosen by Choosers working on behalf of the Folkdoms every fourth year, and he leads the Wardkeeping branch of the banded steership.

Often called the Leader of the Free World, the Foresitter is among Earth's mightiest indwellers. Among his rights are the spurning of lawrits that the Althing would send forth, and the naming of revestewards and Lawspeakers of the Most High Hove, though the latter he must do with the rede and leave of the Eldermoot. The Foresitter also handles dealings with outlanders, and wields leadership over the Landfyrth, Strikefleet, Loftmight, and Seaguard, which together make up the Weaponmight of the Banded Folkdoms.

The Under-Foresitter is chosen at the same time and in the same way as the Foresitter, and becomes Foresitter if the Foresitter dies, or steps down ere his years are filled. Right now, the Under-Foresitter is Mike Pence.

List of Foresitters of the Banded Folkdoms Edit

In the board below, all of the Foresitters since Washington are listed. Of the forty-four, one of them, Cleveland, is tallied twice, so that today's Foresitter, Donald Trump, is tallied forty-fifth. The names are shown alongside the Foresitters' home Folkdoms, First Ladies, Under-Foresitters, mootband, and the years in which they held ambight.

If a Foresitter is wed, his wife is First Lady; otherwise that falls to another kinswoman, such as a daughter, daughter-in-law, sister, or niece. First Ladies who were not the wife of the Foresitter are marked with a ☆. Foresitters, Under-Foresitters, and First Ladies who died in ambight are marked with a †. Those who stepped down ere their years were filled are marked with a ∅.

All foresitters, save Washington, belonged to a mootband. The Mootrikish band of Jefferson and his followers is not the same as the later mootband, beginning with Lincoln, which was also called Mootrikish.

Name Folkdom F. Lady U. Foresitter Mootband Years
1 George Washington Virginia Martha John Adams Free 1789-97
2 John Adams Mass. Abigail T. Jefferson Rikeband 1797-01
3 Thomas Jefferson Virginia Martha ☆ Aaron Burr

George Clinton

Mootrike 1801-09
4 James Madison Virginia Dolley G. Clinton †

E. Gerry †

Mootrike 1809-17
5 James Monroe Virginia Elizabeth D. D. Tompkins Mootrike 1817-25
6 John Q. Adams Mass. Louisa J. C. Calhoun Mootrike 1825-29
7 Andrew Jackson Tenn. Emily ☆ J. C. Calhoun ∅

Martin v Buren

Folkrule 1829-37
8 Martin Van Buren N. York Sarah ☆ R. M. Johnson Folkrule 1837-41
9 William H. Harrison † Ohio Anna John Tyler Whigg 1841
10 John Tyler Virginia Letitia † None Whigg 1841-45
11 James Knox Polk Tenn. Sarah George Dallas Folkrule 1845-49
12 Zachary Taylor † Louis. Margaret Millard Fillmore Whigg 1849-50
13 Millard Fillmore N. York Abigail None Whigg 1850-53
14 Franklin Pierce N. Hamp. Jane W. R. King† Folkrule 1853-57
15 James Buchanan Penn. Harriet ☆ J. Breckinridge Folkrule 1857-61
16 Abraham Lincoln † Illinoise Mary H. Hamlin

A. Johnson

Mootrike 1861-65
17 Andrew Johnson Tenn. Eliza None Folkrule 1865-69
18 Ulysses S. Grant Illinoise July S. Colfax

H. Wilson †

Mootrike 1869-77
19 Rutherford Hayes Ohio Lucy W. A. Wheeler Mootrike 1877-81
20 James Garfield † Ohio Lucretia Chester Arthur Mootrike 1881
21 Chester Alan Arthur N. York Mary ☆ None Mootrike 1881-85
22 Grover Cleveland Ohio Frances T. Hendricks † Folkrule 1885-89
23 Benjamin Harrison Indiana Caroline † Levi P. Morton Mootrike 1889-93
24 Grover Cleveland Ohio Frances A. Stevenson Folkrule 1893-97
25 William McKinley † Ohio Ida G. A. Hobart †

T. Roosevelt

Mootrike 1897-01
26 Theodore Roosevelt N. York Edith C. Fairbanks Mootrike 1901-09
27 William H. Taft Ohio Helen J. Sherman † Mootrike 1909-13
28 Woodrow Wilson N. Jersey Ellen †


T. R. Marshall Folkrule 1913-21
29 Warren Harding † Ohio Florence J. C. Coolidge Mootrike 1921-23
30 J. Calvin Coolidge Mass. Grace C. G. Dawes Mootrike 1923-29
31 Herbert Hoover Calif. Lou Charles Curtis Mootrike 1929-33
32 Franklin Roosevelt † N. York Eleanor J. N. Garner

H. A. Wallace

Harry Truman

Folkrule 1933-45
33 Harry S Truman Missouri Bess Alben Barkley Folkrule 1945-53
34 Dwight Eisenhower Kansas Mamie Richard Nixon Mootrike 1953-61
35 John F. Kennedy † Mass. Jackie L. B. Johnson Folkrule 1961-63
36 Lyndon B. Johnson Texas Lady Bird H. Humphrey Folkrule 1963-69
37 Richard Nixon ∅ Calif. Pat Spiro Agnew ∅

Gerald Ford

Mootrike 1969-74
38 Gerald Ford Michigan Betty N. Rockefeller Mootrike 1974-77
39 Jimmy Carter Georgia Rosalynn W. F. Mondale Folkrule 1977-81
40 Ronald Reagan Calif. Nancy G. H. W. Bush Mootrike 1981-89
41 George H. W. Bush Texas Barbara Dan Quayle Mootrike 1989-93
42 Bill Clinton Arkansas Hillary Al Gore Folkrule 1993-01
43 George W. Bush Texas Laura Dick Cheney Mootrike 2001-09
44 Barrack Obama Illinoise Michelle Joe Biden Folkrule 2009-16
45 Donald Trump N. York Melania Mike Pence Mootrike b. 2017

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