Eveland or Europe is widely thought of as one of the world's seven landblocks and it makes up the westernmost bit of the linked Eveland-Sunriseland landblock. Eveland is said by most folk to be cleft from Sunriseland by the Ural and Caucasus Bergs, the Ural Stream, the Caspian and Black Seas, and the waterways linking the Black and Aegean Seas. Eveland is hemmed by the Arctish Sea to the north, the Atlantish Sea to the west, the Midworld Sea to the south, and the Black Sea and its linked waterways to the southeast.

It is, however, hard to say where the endlines of Eveland are, as the word "landblock" is, above all, a word from earthdrawing, but it also has to do with how the folks of one landblock behave unlike the folks of another.

Eveland is the world's next-to-smallest landblock by length and breadth, stretching over 3,930,000 miles² or 2 in 100 of all the Earth and 6.8 in 100 of its land. Of Eveland's near to 50 rikes, Russland is by far the greatest in land and folk, taking up 40 in 100 of the landblock (although the rike has land in both Eveland and Sunriseland), while the Holy Seat is the smallest. Eveland comes third as the landblock with most folk living in it, after Sunriseland and Highsunland, with a befolking of 733-739 thousand thousand or near to 11 in 100 of the world's befolking. The euro is the most dealt-with token for buying and selling.

Eveland, above all Greece and Rome of yore, is the birthspot of the Western world. It was a main player in the world from the 15th yearhundred onwards, most of all after Evelanders started settling other bits of the world. Between the 16th and 20th yearhundreds, at one time or another, Evelandish folks had lordship at over North and South Nightland most of Highsunland, Sealand and big chunks of Sunriseland. The Overhauling of Goods-Making, which began in England around the end of the 18th yearhundred gave rise to stark to business and folk's behaviour in Western Eveland, and in the end the wider world. The growth of the folk meant that, by 1900, Eveland's share of the world's befolking was 25 in 100.

Both world wars mainly happened in Eveland, greatly helping to bring about to a downturn in Western Evelandish might in the world by the mid-20th yearhundred as the Banded Folkdoms and Workermootish Band took over the lead. In the midst of the Cold War, Eveland was cleft along the Iron Screen between the North Atlantish Oath Fellowship (or NATO) in the west and the Warsaw Deal in the east. The coming together of Evelandish rikes led to the grounding of the Moot of Eveland and the Evelandish Band in Western Eveland both of which have been growing eastward since the Overthrowings of 1989 and the fall of the Workermootish Band in 1991. The Evelandish Band nowadays has growing might over the rikes within it. Many Evelandish lands are in of the Schengen rikesband, which lets folk go from land to land freely.

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