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Staff C of the English Wordbook.

Basic abbreviations:

  • OE=Old English
  • NHG=New High German
  • Du.=Dutch

For a full list of etymological and other abbreviations used in these wordlists, see: Offshortenings.


Chancery English
Class Anglish/English
Attested Unattested
caballine adj horselike, horsely -
cabaret n club, nightspot, roadhouse, nightclub -
cabbage n cole, kale -
cabinet n hutch, sideboard, locker mugboard, hoarding
office: ambight, redeship
cable n wire, rope ropewire
caboose n - ward wagon, aftwagon
cacao n - brownbean
cache n hoard putstow, bike
cacophony n rattle, roar, din -
cadaver n shell, framework, slang:  stiff, body, dead body 


cadaverous adj deathly, wan, bloodless, ashen, hollow-eyed -
cadet n - forefighter
cadmium n - Wodan
cæcum n - blindtharm, blindgut
Cæsar n overlord -
cæsium n - silverwhite, lightbrick mote
café n

tearoom, roadhouse; taproom, watering hole; beanery

cafeteria n lunchroom, lunch house -
cajole vb soft-soap, sweet-talk, wheedle -
cake n - cheekel (<OE ċēcel)
calamari n cuttlefish -
calcaneüs n heelbone -
calcium n - lime mote
calcium carbonate n - coalsour lime (cf. WFr. koalsoere kalk)
calculate vb reckon, work out -
calculator n - hand reckoner
calculus n reckoning flowreckoning, rimming, telgrinding (OE rim, tal 'number')
calendar n daybook timetale
calisthenics n drills -
calligraphy n longhand pretty-writing, litwriting
calligraphy pen n - longhandwritingise (<longhand + OE wrītungīsen, "style pen") pl: Longhandwritingisen, wlitwritingise (compound of "wlitwriting" + OE wrītingīsen) pl: wlitwritingisen
callous adj Hardened, cold-hearted, flint-hearted, heartless, soulless, stony, stony-hearted, steely, thick-skinned, unfeeling -
calm adj lown, flack
calm vb lull, settle, soothe -
calumniate vb grime, sully betell, forwray (<OE forwregan)
calque n borrowing loanoversetting (<NHG Lehnübersetzung)
calyx n - bloomleaf
camel n - olvend, (<OE olfend) twohump, drylander
camera n - bildfanger
camouflage n

dapple, (dappling, dappleshell, dapplehide, dappleclad, dappleteld)

dazzle-painting (attested)

derning (<OE diernan, cf. NHG Tarnung)
camomile n - maylix
camp n leaguer, lair, haltstead leger (<OE, cf. Du. leger, NHG Lager)
campaign n bandwagon, drive, juggernought, push military: axfare (<OE æxfaru)   fieldtought (<Du.)
campaign vb take the stump, barnstorm -
campus n - lorefield, lorerealm, byttel (<OE gebytlu)
canal n leat, waterway -
cancer n zodiac: Crab disease: Mireless Thrimfold ~ MTF Unlimited Tissue Multiplication
candelabrum n - glimtree
candidate n hopeful
canine adj doggy, houndlike -
cannon n - dunspar (contr. of dun and spear)

Fallbuss (cf. Ic. Fallbyssa)

candy n sweets sweetiness (cf. NHG "süßigkeiten")
candied adj sweetened -
cannibal n maneater selfeater (<OE selfæta)
canvas n - hempcloth
canyon n gulch -
capacity n room, berth; strength, gift, readiness heldth
cape n sleeveless coat
geography: foreland, headland, ness
capital n/adj wealth, means, wherewithal; sterling; foremost city: revetown, kinesettle (<OE cynesetl)
capitalist n silk stocking -
capricious adj fickle nyckfull (<Sw, cf. Du. nikkig) 
capsize vb keel, upset, overwend wemmel
captain n headman, leader shipper (<M Du. scipper and MnE skipper)
captivate vb wile witch
captive n/adj penned, locked up haftling
capture vb nail, take, kidnap, steal, swipe, nab latch
capybara n waterswine
car n wheels slang wain, horseless
caravan n - kinwagon, housewagon (cf. Sw. husvagn)
carbon n chark, soot coalstuff, lifestuff
carbon dioxide n - wortloft
carburator n - forelofter
carcass n bones, stiff lich
cardiac arrest n heartstop -
cardinal (Church official) n - godsearl (cf. H Ic. guðsjarl)

Whule (cf. Sw. Hwul)

cardinal (bird) n redbird -
career n calling, game (inf.), walk of life -
caress vb fondle, stroke -
cargo n draft, freight, haul, loading, weight -
caribou n reindeer -
carnal adj fleshly -
carnal attraction n - fleshspanning (OE spanan 'attract')
carnivore n meateater, flesheater -
carouse vb birle -
carousel n - trindle
carpenter n woodworker

woodsmith, woodcraftsman, treewright (<trēowwyrhta) pl: treewrighten (<OE trēowwyrhtan)

carpentry n woodwork, woodcraft -
carpet n - stepcloth
carriage n bearing -
carrot n -

more (<OE moru; cf. NHG Möhre)

carry vb bear, weigh, ferry, take,  -
cartoon n - livedrawing
cartouche n - deckwrit
cartridge n bag, load, holder -
case n

hull, husk, pod, sheath, shell; box

in case: lest, by fear of, if... should

grammar: fall
cashewnut n - kidney nut
casing n shell, brass -
casino n - bethall, bethouse, gaming house
cast away vb - anbeweerp (<OE anbeweorpan)
castle n burg, stronghold

innermost keep

stronghouse, fastenwork (<OE "fæsten" + "weorc", cf German "Festung"), chestel (<Latinate OE "ċeastel")
casual adj breezy, blithe, light-hearted -
cat n puss -
catch vb snare, snarl, snag, latch, fang, nab -
catechism n - frodleering (cf. Ic. Trúfræðslurit)
catechize vb grill, sweat slang frayn
categorize vb - fade (<OE fadian)
caterpillar n - caleworm (<OE cawelwyrm), leafworm (<OE leafwyrm), mealshaver (<OE mælsceafa)
cathedral n - headchurch
catheter n - leat
cathode n - downway
catholic adj - broad church
catkin n - bloomtail
cattle n cows, livestock, kine, nowt, fee, neat -
Caucasian (race) n white Caucasish, Caucaser
cauldron n (big) kettle -
cauliflower n - bloomcole
cause n bring-about, let-on, wherefrom frume (<OE fruma), onlet, orsake (calque from many Germanic languages)
cause vb beget, breed, drive, make, work, yield fuse (<ME fusen), fororsake (calque of many Germanic languages)
cause, without adv - hoolings (<OE holunga)
caustic adj burning -
cautery n tharm tool
caution n wariness, forewit, care, reck -
cavalier n horseman kingfollower (Charles II)
cavalry n horsemen, riders ridery (cf. NHG Reiterei)
cave n - cleave (<OE cleofa), delve
cavil vb carp -
cavity n dint, hollow, pit -
cease vb stop, lay off, halt, give up, leave off, blin
ceasefire n truce weaponsstandstill (cf. Du.

wapenstilstand, NHG. Waffenstillstand)

cede vb yield, hand over orgive
celebrate vb - freals (<OE freolsian)
celebration n - freal (<OE freolisan)
celery n - fenroot
celestial bow n rainbow, heaven's bow -
celestial sphere n - rother (<OE rodor)
cell n hole, room frume (cf. Ic. fruma), lifebrick
cell division n - frumecleaving
cellulose n - treestrand
cellar n - cloft (OE cleofa)
cello n - knee-fiddle (Icelandic calque)
cement n - gilpstan (OE gilp):dust powder & stone.
cemetery n graveyard, boneyard church-litten, licherest, still-hill (slang)
censorship n - cleaning
censure vb upbraid -
census n tale, tally marking (cf. OE tomearcodnes), folktally
cent n penny, hundredth -
centimeter n - pennibeat
centaur n - manhorse
centipede n -


central adj overriding; midway, midmost; middle-of-the-road midwise, midly
centre n heart; middle, midst -
centurion n - hundfrey (<OE hundfrēa) pl: hundfreën (<OE hundfrēan)
century n -

yearhundred (<NHG. Jahrhundert)

cereal n - morningcorn (cf. Ic. morgunkorn)
certain adj wis couth
certainly adv wisly couthly, siferly
certificate n - sifering
cerulean adj - swail blue
cerumen n earwax -
chain n shackle, fetter -
chair n seat, stool settle
chalice n bowl waye (<OE wæge)
challenge n/vb
knot; dare; becall
chamber n room; bay (enclosed space) -
chameleon n - blending athex, wristlehue athex
faying athex (<OE fágian 'to change in color vary be variegated')
champaigne n -
chance n luck, opening by chance: faringly (<OE færinga)
change vb/n

shift, switch, makeover

dough (cash)

frother (for- + other; cf. Fr. feroaring, Du. veranderen, NHG. verändern)

wend, char, wristle (<OE wrixlian)

channel n fairway, race, ford sound (<OE sund 'long narrow inlet')
charming adj friendly, lovely, winsome, comely -
Charlemagne n Carl the Great -
chaös n mess dwolma (<OE)
character n clay, self

rune, token; player (film)

ethics: moodstathel (<OE mōdstaðol)

charge n/vb fill, load, outlay; lading military: angriff
charged adj owing, laden (electric) -
charitable adj kind, freehanded, freehearted, unselfish, unsparing, unstinting kysty (<OE cystig)
charity n help, gift, hand-out; goodness, goodwill, fellow feeling; alms, dole; ruth; brotherhood custiness
charlatan n swindler -
charter n - rightsledging; booking (from OE book -- "assignment of land by charter")
chase vb hotfoot, put to flight -
chastise vb chew out, chide, flay, hammer, jaw, keelhaul, ream out, tongue-lash, upbraid threap
cheat n/vb

shark, bilk, do in, nobble, rip off, rig, swindle; shark, dodger, swindler

checkers (game) n Draughts -
cheer n glee, merriness, mirthfulness -
cheer vb gladden, root, hearten, perk up blithen, bemirth
chef d'oeuvre n - revework
chemistry n - blendlore
cherish vb hold dear, cleave to; care for, love, look after, shelter; harbor -
chess n - fightgame
chief n ringleader -
chieftain n - heratoghe (<OE heretoha) pl: heratoghen (<OE heretohan)
chili n - hotcride
chime vb ring, toll -
chimpanzee n - mockman (chimpanzee in Tshiluba language means mockman)
China n Middle Kingdom Midrike, Mithrike (cf. H Ic. Miðríki)
Chinese Characters n - hanrunes ( calque), hanwrit (calque)
chivalrous n big, greathearted, high-minded, lofty, lordly hovely
chivalry n knightliness lordlihood, kindhood, riderliness (for sake of "knight" meaning servant, NHG "Ritter")
chlorophyll n leafgreen -
choice n choosing, picking, wale coring (<OE cyren)
cholesterol n - gallvat
chrestomathy n - nuttlecouthness (calque of Gk. compound, nuttle <OE nyttol 'useful' for 'chresto-' + couthness <OE cuþnes 'knowledge' for '-mathy')
Christian n/adj - Crist(ish/ly)

n: "Christer"

Christianity n - Christendom
Christmas n Yule Cristesmass (<OE)
chromosome n - lifepith
chromatid n - lifepith half
chronicle n ledger, tale, saga cranic (<OE)
chronology n timeline timeflow
chrysanthemum n - goldbloom
cider n apple wine -
cigar n smoke smokelog, smokewrap
cigarette n smoke, fag, butt, stompie -
cinema n - bilds, filmhouse
cinquefoil n - fiffinger
cipher n - himewrit (cf. Dutch geheimschrift)
circa prep about, ymb (<OE, <NHG) -
circle n ring, loop, wreath, trindle, trundle trind
circuit n ringway
circulate vb flow; broadcast -
circulation n flow umfaring, forfaring
circulatory system n bloodstream -
circumambulate v walk around
circumcise vb cut rend, umcut, umsnithe (<OE ymbsniðan), besnithe (cf. NHG beschneiden)
circumference n rim, outring rimlength, rimreach, rimspan, umgoing
circumflex n - stavehat
circumnavigate n - ymblithe (<OE ymbliðan)
circumspect adj careful, watchful -
circumstance n doom, hap, luck umstanding (cf. OE ymbstandenness)
circumvent vb shortcut, sidestep; girdle, ring umbwork
circus n big top -
cirrocumulus n - curlcloud
citizen n towns(wo)man

burrough(wo)man, burgleed (<OE burglēod) pl: burgleedas (<OE burglēodas)

citroen n sourapple -h
city n borough, burgh, burg, town stead
civet cat n - slipcat
civil law n - folk(s)law
civil war n -


Burghercrig (<NHG Bürgerkrieg) Brothercrig (<NHG Bruderkrieg)

civilian n - ethel(wo)man
civility n - hoveliness
civilization n - lifeness, folkhood, settledhood, folkdom
civilize vb tame, settle couthen
clairvoyance n - sixth feeling
claim n call, dibs, right; share, stake forehold
clamor n din greeding
clan n body, crowd, network, ring, set; blood, folks, house, kindred, line, set -
clarify vb shed light on swotel; sweetle explain
class n set; feather flock (i.e. as in school) (use comparable to Ic. 'flokki'); standing (i.e. social class)
classic adj token mean; highflack (flack <Du. vlak 'level')
classical adj - everswin
classification n tag, brand fading (<OE fadung)
classify vb tag, brand fade (<OE fadian)
claustrophobia n - tightfear
clear adj sharp; lily-white sheer, swotel (<OE sweotol)
clearing n - riding (<OE hrydung)
clergy n church, cloth -
clergyman n churchman, father, shepherd, man of the cloth -
cliché n/adj hackneyed, moth-eaten; n: groaner -
climate n - loftlay (cf. Ic. loftslag)
clinic n - ail room
clitoris n - knappenthyght (<my ass, whence I pulled it out)
clock n timer daymale, stounder, logger
clockwise adj sunwise -
clone n/vb


close vb shut, narrow -
close adj near, narrow, nearby -
co- pref fellow, by-, i- -
coalition n - gathertang (cf. OE gadertangnes)
coast n seashore, seaboard, strand; sail, drift searim, warth
coat of arms n - kinshield, wappen
cockroach n - shaver (cf. NHG Schabe)
coëval n/adj - even-old
coffer n - hoardvat (<OE hordfæt)
coffin n casket thrugh (<ME þruh, <OE), throgh (<ME þroh, variant of "þruh")
cognate n - kinword
cognizant adj aware rathe
cohabit vb - by-live
coil n - whirlwire
coin n - mint (cf. NHG Münze)
coïncidence n - likehappening
coitus n - swiving, heamedlock (<OE hæmedlac), bysleep (<NHG Beischlaf)
cojones n balls, guts -
colic n - bellyharm
collapse n/vb downfall, infall, swooning cleave in vb
colleague vb workmate, fellow worker -
collect vb gather samen (<OE samnian)
collection n sam, gathering, thingstock -
colonize vb settle, take over, spread through(out) -
colony n - landhold
colo(u)r n hue, cast, blee, light wavelength farbe(<OE færbu, cf. NHG Farbe,

Dan. farve),  huecast

colo(u)r vb hue, dye, shade, blee -
column n upright sile
combine vb bind gatherbind, withbind, togiether
combat n fight campf (<OE camp, NHG Kampf ); kemp

gefence (<OE gefeoht, NHG Gefecht)

combustible n fiery tenderkin (<OE tyndercyn)
comedian n funnyman funspeller, lustspeller, laughtersmith
comedy n - funplay, lustplay (cf. NHG Lustspiel)
comet n shooting star tailstar, strealer
comfort n liss, frover weem (<OE weman), soothefulness
comfortable adj soft, lithe queem (<Scots, cf. NHG bequem)

frover -ly/-some

comestible adj eating -
comic n funny -
comics n - talestrips, livestrips
command n behest, bidding

wordbebod (<OE) pl: wordbebodu (<OE)

urgent: needbebode (<OE nīedbebod) pl: needbebodu (<OE nīedbebodu)

command n headship -
command vb bid, lead, behest; spearhead sway
commander n head

campelder (<OE campealdor), bebeedend (<OE bebēodend), herareaswer (<OE heraræswa) pl: herareaswen (<OE heraræswan), hildewiser (<OE hildewīsa) pl: hildewisren (<OE hildewīsan), heratower (<OE heratoga) pl: heratowren (<OE heratogan)

commandment n behest; (Torah) teachings  bodeword, mustsaying
commence vb begin, start -
commensurate adj fitting -
comment n - bemarking
commentary n input, feedback upmarking (cf. Du opmerking ) 
commerce n business, trade; dealings chepstow
commercial adj businesswise tradewise
commit vb do, betake, belay theen (<OE ġeþēon)
common adj

household: cut-and-fry, workaday; broad-brush, overall; shared; middling; lowbrow; everyday

peasants churlish

mean (<OE gemæne)

wonesome (<OE wune 'custom')

Commonwealth n leedwealth (cf. Ic, Fa. lýðveldi)

kinwise (<OE cynewise) thoftkinwise

Onehoodness, Kinwealth
commotion n - stirness (<OE styrenes)
communicate vb spread; brainstorm; bespeak -
communicative adj chatty speakol (<OE sprecol)
communion n fellowship -
communism n - sharedom, folkwield
communist adj - folkwieldly, sharedomish
community n fellowship meanship (calque), borough-weren
compact adj hard, stiff, unyielding; crowded, packed, thick, tight; thumbnail (expression) withfasted, withfied
Compact Disc n - dishling, withfasted ring (WFR)
CD-ROM n - WFR-read only bemindings
companion n fellow, mate

samedsithe (<OE samodġesīð), evenlytter (<OE æfenhlytta) pl: evenlyttren (<OE ævenhlyttan),  fere (<OE ġefēre) pl: fereäs (<OE ġefēreas)

company n business, outfit; brotherhood, fellowship -
comparative n - overlikening (e.g. bodylore 'anatomy')
compare vb liken, stack up aliken (OE anlician),  withmete
compassion n feeling; kindness, ruth; goodwill milts (<OE)
compatible adj kindred samehaft (cf. Ic. samhæft)
compatriot n kinsman landsman (<OE Landesmann)


compel vb -

thring, bede (<OE ġebædan)

compensation n meed

forgooding (cf. Du. vergoeding), frofor  (<OE frōfor)

competent adj fit, good; fair, right -
compile vb put together -
complain vb whine, bitch, caterwaul, moan, gripe, whinge -
complete adj full, whole; done, over, through, up; in depth, thorough; all-ou-, downright, flat-out, sheer, stark, stone, straight-out, thorough, utter; out-and-out; skillful fullstanding
complete vb fulfill, end full-do, full-end
completely adv outright, fully, utterly, thoroughly, through and through, inside-out, to the hilt, altogether throughgroundly (cf. Du. doorgrondig )
complexion n hue, look, blee, ilk, kind, suchness, way, outlook skin-look, skin-hue
compliant adj toward, abiding followsome
complicate vb/adj - maze, intangle, manifold
complicated adj knotty, tangled manifold (<OE)
compline n - nightsong (<OE nihtsang, akin to "Evensong")
composer n - swinsmith, leethwriter
composition n layout swincraft
compound n cocktail, meld, mix word: forbinding (cf. NHG Verbindung)
comprehensive adj

all-in, thorough; whole; all-out

adv: fully, inside-out, throough and through

begriping (calque)

invatting (OE fæt 'vessel'; calque)

comprise vb make up inhold, invat (cf. Du. omvatten)
compromise vb/n tradeoff, deal, vb: meet halfway -
compunction n qualm, misgiving -
computation n reckoning -
compute(r) n/vb - reckon(er), bitgrinder, bytegrinder, Dencreþ(en)
programming: reckoner fore drafting, Denwidspræc
computer science: reckoncraft, reckonerlore, Dencraþen
comrade n fellow

gade (<OE gada) pl: gaden (<OE gadan), sithe (<OE ġe​sīð)

faithful: trewpofter (<OE trēowġepofta) pl: trewpoftren (<OE trēowpoftan)

concatenat therbinding
conceal vb hide, shroud mithe
concealment n hiding; hideaway, lair, nest dern, hidlock
conceivable adj thoughtworthy -
conceive vb dream; make out, twig

knit, forseed

cen (<OE cennan)

concentrate vb meet, cluster, gather; fasten; lump; build up bethink (cf. Du. bedenken)
concentrated adj crammed -
concentration camp n - shandstead
concentric adj - middlesharing
concern n care, worry, reck -
concerning prep as for, as far as, on, toward -
concept n mind's eye begrip (<ME begripen <OE begrīpan

cf. Du begrip, NHG Begriff )

conception n mind's eye, thought bild; of child: beseeding


vb end, wind up, wrap up; break up, leeave off, let up, wind up, wink out; name, settle upon; gather, make out -


n ending endsay
concurrently prep meanwhile, all-the-while, all along -
concussion n shell shock -
condemn vb - fordeem, forordeal (cf. Du. veroordelen)
condescend vb belittle, stoop, talk down, lower -
condition n onlay, fettle ;-) foreworth (cf. Du. voorwaarde)
condom n warding, rubber, scumbag -
conduct vb lead, drive -
confectionary n sweets, sweet-shop -
confederacy n - shireship, rickship, Looseband
confederate n henchman igade (<OE gegada)
confer vb bestow, lend, give over -
conference n meeting -
confess vb beken, acknowledge, own up andet (<ME andetten), det
confession n acknowledging, shrift andet (<OE andetnes)
configuration n setting, set up, of elements layout installing (cf. Du instelling ) 
confine vb lock in, keep, trap, fetter, bind, latch, grasp, abed (by illness), bedrid -
confiscate vb filch beslay (cf. beslag )  
conflagration n fire -
confluence n - rithmeet
conform vb dovetail; blend, groove; key evenliken (<OE efenlician)
conformism n - evenlyingsbelead
conformity n - evenlying
confound vb befuddle, bewilder, addle -
confront vb take on, come at, be up against -
confuse vb befuddel, mistake, ravel, bewilder, muddel, mangel, addel ablend, forwrixle (cf. NHG verwechseln)
confusion n muddling ablending
congress n gathering, moot, lawmaker body gethercoming
conjugate vb bend forbow (cf. Du. verbuigen, NHG. verbeugen)
conjunction n linking word linkword, bindword, yokeword
connect vb link, fit, tie-in, bind -
conquer vb do down, overcome, upend, worst -
conquest n overwin -
consanguinity n kinship -
conscience n - thewing, inwit
conscious adj aware, mindful, heedful, waken


consciousness n awareness, mindfulness, heedfulness, wake inwit
conscript vb draft, call-up -
consecrate vb bless, hallow, bename -
consent n/vb leave

thaving, thwaring

vb: thwarelalk (<OE þwærlælcan) 

consequence n aftermath, backwash, outcome, upshot; wightiness offleading (<Ic. af-leiðing)
consequently adv hence, thereby, thereupon, thus, wherefore forfollowingly (cf. Du. vervolgens)
consider vb

heed, bethink, think about, reckon, set down

huy, hedge (<OE hycgan 'bear in mind, confide, trust')

awene (<OE awenan)

behowe (<OE behawian 'to see clearly, take care')

rase (<OE ræswan 'to think suppose suspect consider conjecture')

smigh (<OE smēagan 'consider think about mediate examine scrutinize')

yondthink (<OE geondþencan 'to reflect upon')

hiler (< OE aheolorian 'weigh, balance'
Latin equivalent: librare, trutinare)

beshow (cf. Du. beschouwen) 

ymbthink (<OE ymbþencan)

consideration n thought -
consist of vb be made up of bestand of (cf. NHG bestehen aus)
console vb frover, soothe, allay sorrow, share grief, give strength and hope befreefern
consolation n - freefernes (<OE fréfernes), frofor  (<OE frōfor)
consonant n/adj - withlide, midlide (<NHG Mitlaut), midclinker (Du. medeklinker), samedswaying, sameswaying (<Ælfric's OE samodswegend)
conspicuous adj - kenspeckle
conspire vb plot -
constant adj ongoing, besetting onwherft, simble (<OE simbel)
constipated adj - bellybound
constitution n clay, self; build, frame, shape; law forfastening (cf. NHG Verfassung), writlaw
constraint n - thwing (<OE geþwing)
constrict vb - intighten
consume vb eat (up), drain, spend, intake forbrook (calque), fordaower (cf. Du. verteren, Sw. fortära)
consumerism n - fordowering
consummate adj crack, good, great, skilled; blooming, straight-out; utmost -
consumption n intaking fordowering
contact vb get, reach fay
contain vb hold, inhold, have in itself -
contaminate vb befoul smittel
contemplate vb - yondthink (<OE geondþencan)
contemplation n thought yondthinking (<OE geondþencan + -ing)
contemporary adj today's tidely, fellow-timed, like-timed
contempt n loathing, hatred -
contemptuous adj - shanding
contend n set to -
contend (argue) vb flite, hold -
content n/vb vb: gladden

inning (<OE innung), inhold (calque from NHG 'Inhalt')

of one's character: inwit of one's moodstathel

content adj pleased fained, list
contention n wrangling -
contest n match witherwin (<OE wiðerwinn)
context n light, framework, ins and outs umbrealm
contiguous adj abutting -
continent n mainland worlddeal (<OE worulddǣl), greatland, landstretch, fastland
continue vb go on, abide, keep on, keep at, wendg ongo

forthset (cf. Du. voortzetten) , throughgo (cf. Du. doorgaan), singal (<OE ġesingalian)

continuous adj unbroken, ongoing

simbel (<OE)

contort vb writhe -
contract n bond, deal, settlement handfast, writdeal
contradict vb gainsay, withsay

wit, herspeak (cf. NHG widersprechen), andwitness (cf. Ic. and-vitni), witherqued, anspeak (<OE ġēansprecan)

contradiction n - witherquedding (<OE wiðercwedung), anspeach
contrary adv against witherward (<OE wiðerweard), witherto, withershins
contrast vb/n - shedspan
controversy n - againstwending (lone translation from latin)
contribute vb pitch in bypull, bydrag (cf. Du bijdragen ) 
contribution n input, giving
contrition n sorrow, guilt, ruth -
control n hands; oversight, running, stewardship; arm, grip, hold, sway bridling
control vb bridle, hold, steer, keep, tame; steward sway
conundrum n riddle -
conurbation n - towncluster
convergence n meeting -
conversation n talk, mailing underholding (cf. NHG Unterhaltung)
converse vb speak, talk -


on the other hand, otherwise -
convert vb wend, make over bewhirve (<OE behwierfan), bewend (<OE bewendan), forwandle
convey vb give, spread; bear, ferry; deed, make over inway
convict n lag overstell
convince vb wheedle, talk round, talk into overspeak, overtalk (<OE oferreccan, cf. NHG. überreden)
convoy n - wain row
coöperate vb work together

evenwork (<OE efenweorcan)

getherwork (<Fr gearwurkje)

cop vb nab -
cop n hound, pig (slang, slightly vulgar) frith wike (peace officer)
cope vb deal -
copious adj beteeming -
copper n - arr (<OE ar "brass, copper, bronze")
copse n thicket, shaw -
copy vb 1. twin
2. ape 
1. eftyield; andwrite
2. evenledge (<OE efenlæcan)
copy & paste vb - twin & tack
coral n/adj - limeshaft; yellowpink
cord n line, rope, string, wire tew, rib-cloth
cord vb fasten -
cordial adj friendly, hearty, warm -
cords n - manstows
corduroy n ribbed cloth rib-cloth, manstow (manchester)
core n kernel, heart, yolk, innermost being -
cormorant n sea raven coal-goose
cornea n - hornweb
corner n nook, winkle, hirn -
coronation n - kinehelming (<OE cynehelmung)
corpor(e)al adj bodily bodisome
corporation n - businessbody (BB)
corpse n

body, dead body

lich, neo (<OE nēo)
corpus n body lichem (<OE lichama, cf. Du. lichaam, NHG. Leichnam)   
correct adv/adj right, aright, befitting -
correct vb right, righten, (acad) mark -
correction n righting

punishment: threal (<OE þrēal) 

correction fluid n white out -
corridor n hallway -
corroborate vb bear out -
corrode vb gnaw forrot (<OE forrotian), begnaw (<OE begnagan)
corrugated adj - wrizzled
corrupt adj/vb crooked, bent, rot forrot
corslet n byrnie -
corvée-work n - workreden (<OE weorcræden) pl: workredenna (<OE weorcrædenna)
cosmetics n/vb fard
cost n outlay, worth -
costly adj dear -
Costa Rica n - Rich Shore
costume n outfit, get-up, fake dress derning mask
Côte d'Ivoire n - Windward Shore
cottage n cote sheel
cottager n - cotsettler (<OE cotsetla)
cotton n - seedwool
council n gathering, huddle; board, brotherhood, fellowship redemoot, redebody
counsel n/vb lead, shepherd law-ern legal-eagle
counsel(l)or n alder(wo)man

rede(wo)man,  redegiver, theägher (<OE þeahere/ġeþeahere)

count vb tally, reckon arime
count n earl -
countenance n cast -
counterbalance n offset -
counter-clockwise adj withershins withersunwise
counterculture n - witherkithship
counterfeit goods n - openware
counterpart n match witherdeal
counterstroke n - witherclap
country n land, weald, upland (rural, as in countryside), kith, fatherland, homeland, motherland native: ethel (<OE æþel), folkland, erd (<ME)
county n shire, ethel, earldom, wapentake, erd reveship
county council n - shiremoot
coup vb strike -
coup de grâce n topper lithing, miltstroke
coupling, train/carriage n thill -
coupon n - deemslip
courage n mettle, boldness, fearlessness, heart, heartiness, daring beld (<OE bieldu)
courageous adj bold, daring, doughty, fearless, full-hearted, unfrightened -
course n line, pathway -
course (academic) n - learnset



hove (<OE hof)

vb: splunt (<Scots)

courteous adj fairspoken hovely
courtyard n - hallyard, burgyard (<OE burggeard)
cousin n kins(wo)man nearkin, farsibb
covenant n oath, deal, bond, binding -
cover n holster, sheath heling, helm, tild
cover vb overlay, hide, deck, overspread hele (<ME hillen), wriels, helm, tild
covered area n deck, roofed deck hilling (ME hillet), helm (<OE helmian)
covering n skin, feathers, hackles

hilling, overwrigels (<OE oferwrigels)

over with vb lay on -
covert adj hidden, shrouded, stealthy, under wraps, hillen
cover-up n whitewash, hush-work shroudening
covet vb crave, want, hunger after, thirst after, cast greedy eyes upon -
covetous adj greedy, graspy, grabby, hoggish, wanting -
coward n wimp, woos, fearer arg, flytail, fey (<OE fæge, cf. NHG feige)

feygling (cf. NHG Feigling)

cowardly adj gutless, thewless, woosy, fearful feyhood (cf. NHG Feigheit)
co-worker n by-worker, fellow worker, workmate -
cranium n skull head bowl (OE heafod - bolla)
cravat n necktie, neckcloth -
crayon n - waxchalk
cream n salve, ream, milk's head -
crease n/vb wrinkle, rumple, rimple, runkle -
create vb build, craft, make, start, shape, put together ashapen
creation n brainchild, wrinke; world, rise shaping, fromship
creative adj - shaperly / makerly (calque from german schöpferisch), thoughtrich
creature n head, thing, wight: beast,  nicker (<OE nicor), making
credence n belief, trustworthiness -
credibility n trustworthiness liefworthiness
credible adj trustworthy liefworthy
credit n hail, acknowledgement -
creed n belief -
cremate vb bale -
creme de la creme n bee's knees, dog's bollocks, best of the best, fat of the land, best -
crepuscular adj twilighty twilightly
crepuscule n twilight, darkfall, dusk, nightfall, gloaming, evenfall, eventide, sundown downset
crest n ridge, noon, top; high-water mark ris, comb
cretaceous adj - limestonish, limestony
cretin n blighter; nit -
crevasse n cleft -
crevice n cleft, gap, hole -
crime n lawbreaking; shame, sin; wrongdoing, misdeed

skyld (<OE scyld), gylt (<OE ġylt)

criminal n crook, outlaw, lawbreaker

sinner: gyltend (<OE ġyltend) pl:  gyltendas  (<OE ġyltendas)

on n - deepred
crisis n - needtime
criterion n yardstick; hallmark, need deemrimmer
critical adj weighty, key, scathing -
criticise vb

slag, knock

criticism n - undersaying, potshot, flak
crocodile n - pebbleworm (calque), nix (cf. OHG nihhus), knucker, crushbite athex
croissant n - moonbread
cross n -


 Cross, the: Siegebeam (<OE sigebēam, a 'tree 'on which 'victory is 'gained)

cross vb - thwarse, stride over
crown n kine-helm

top of 'the  'head: overhalfhead (<OE ​oferhealfhēafod)

crown vb - wreathe
crucifix n - rood
crucify vb - roodfasten
crude adj rough, raw -
cruel adj harsh, mean, ruthless reethe (<OE réðe), slithen (<OE slīþene)
cruelty n meaness, harshness, ruthlessness manebillu (<OE mānbealu) pl: manebillwas (<OE mānbealwas), slithenness
crusade n drive, push roodfirding
cry n roop, yell, shout, whine, wail, moan liding (<OE ge-hlȳd; cf. NHG Lied)
cry vb weep, shout, wail, yell, howl, sob, roup, cleep, wail -
crypt n thesterlock, thestercove, lich-keep
crystal n - hardice
cub n - whelp
cuckoo n - gowk, cuckoo
cucumber n - greenpod, earthapple (<OE eorþæppel)
cull vb choose, pick, pick out, pitch on, pitch upon. sift, winnow, gather, pluck, pickup -
cull n pickings, siftings -
cul de sac n dead end -
culminate vb - nib
cultivate vb till, harvest, work,  -
culture n couth, folklore, way of life menning (cf. Ic. menning), kithship
culvert n - leat, ditch
cure vb heal -
curiosity n witfire -
curious vb funny frimdy (<OE frymdig) -
curlew n whaup -
current adj today's, now's, nowadays', running, nowen -
current n run, drift, leaning, tide, wind, now -
currently adv as of yet, now, nowenly
curriculum n - learnplot
curriculum vitae n - smithsyore
cursive adj handwritten flow-staved
cursor n runner -
curtail vb cut back, foreshorten, clip,  -
curtain n - hanger, hangcloth
curve n bow, bend, wind,  -
custody n hold, hands warding
custom adj bespoken thew, folkway
custom n wone, wont, business, trade side, toln (<OE)
customary adj - wonely
cutaneous adj skin, hide hideish, hidely
cutaneous disease n tetter, scurf, scurvy -
cute adj pretty, sweet, lief goldy (cf. NHG goldig), neathly (cf. NHG niedlich), sooth
cutlass n backsword -
cutlery n flatware, silverware -
cyclist n - wheeler
cyclone n - whirlwind


n swanling -
cynical adj sneering
cynosure n - hoardvat (<OE hordfæt)
czar n king -

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