Insect in Amber

Wightstones like this one, made when a bug was buried in bernstone about 16 micklered years ago, are one of many means by which Earthfrodders learn of the Earth's eretide.

Earthfrod is the field of the learning of Earth's eretide and foreblowing by means of stones, with fields dealing in such things as life and former loftlays.

Among its fields are:

  • I. Orelifelore is the lore of olden breeds and shapes of life that lived in the forthwist, learned from the reading of bonerocks (fossils) and the siltborn rocks that witnessed olden life.
  • II. Sheathlore is the lore of how layers of andwork make up the Earth's sheath - Highly ongot in this field is the Stonelore timemete (Geologic Timescale).
  • III. Stonelore is the lore of stone likeness, making, and framework. 
  • IV. Eathshaft is the lore of how the rind of the Earth is shapen. Highly ongot in this field is the thought of Slabsnell (Plate Tectonics).
  • V. Landshape is the lore of the landshapes that make the Earth's sheath and the strengths that make them how they are.
  • VI. Orelore is the lore of the ores and andwork from which stones are made. These ores themselves are made of andworks and oremotes, and the lore of these is Earth Andworkship (Geochemistry).
  • VII. Earthken is the lore of how the framework of the Earth can be learned by the reading of the metes and strengths learned in worldken (Physics).
  • VIII. Stonebirth is the lore of the strengths that formed the stones.

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