Corsica (French: Corse, Corsican: Corsica) is the fourth biggest iland in the Wendlesea (after Sicily, Sardinia, and Cyprus). It lies west of Italy, southeast of France, and north of Sardinia.

Corsica is known as the birthland of Napoleon Bonaparte.

The ilandEdit

Corscia has about 1000km of shoreline and more than 200 beaches, as well as being mostly hilly, with 51 over 2000m, (Cinto peak at 2706m).

The iland is cleft from Sardinia by the Bonifacio Sound].

The main towns are:



name orEdit

The name of Corsica or Corse in French might go back to the Fenish word 'Korsai', which means wooded. The Greek name of the iland is 'Kalliste' (comliest).

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