Midrikish (Chinish) is the speech of the Midrikish folk and the rikish tung of Midrike. Since oldentide it has been written in a homeborn stavehoard of mightily many tokens. Unlike Western stavehoards, each token fortreads a whole word rather than a lone speechling. Midrikish has a long yore of bookcraft, and has flowed strongly into neighboring tungs such as Japanish, Koreish, and Vietnamish. Nowadays Midrikish is cloven into many underspeeches. These are so unlike that, being mostly understandingless among themselves, they could be said to be full speeches in their own rights. Of these undertungs Mandarin is the most widely known and spoken, and with over 800 thousand thousand speakers has the greatest speechfolk / speakership of any tung in the world.

Speechlinglore of Chinish:

One of the hallmarks of Chinish is that some words are set apart only by their swinn, and not by the speechlings that make them up. Unalike Chinish tungs have sundry swinns; there are 4 main ones in Mandarin, and 6 in Canton-speech. 

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