Breton is a Celtic tung spoken throughout of Brittany, today meanly spoken in the west of the land, ever withstanding the onslaught from French. Fandlers to Brittany may meet words and quides (hure on boards and street tokens ) like the following:

Breton English
deuet mat welcome
deuet mat oc'h you're welcome
Breizh Brittany
Brezhoneg Breton
ti, "ty" house
ti-kêr town-hall
kreiz-kêr town-middlen
da bep lec'h all ways
bagad baghorn
fest-noz "night-bash", or a fest-deiz or "day-bash"
kenavo goodbye
krampouezh pancakes
sistr applin
chouchenn Breton mead
yec'hed mat Cheers!
war vor atav always at sea
kouign amann rich sweet and butter cake

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