The Book of Unhidings, also known as the Unhidings of St. John, the Unfoldings of John, and the Unfoldings of Jesus Christ,is the last book to gain church blessing anent the New Witnessing. It is the only book in Christendom's holy book that is wholly made up of the unfolding tale about the Endtimes.

Name Edit

Although now known as the Book of Unhidings, the name found on some of the earliest deeds is The Unhidings of John, and the most oft found name on later deeds is The Unhidings of the Church Teachers. In the Greek tongue in which it was written, the book is called Apocalypse, for that is their word for unhiding. In some later deeds one also finds the names Gospeller, Good-tidings Teller or Apostle. Found also in the book's opening lines are the words or name: The Unhidings of Jesus Christ.

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