fading n arrangement, order, disposition;
[OE fadung]
faining adj fond, contented;
[OE fægen]
fairway n 1. golf: the area of short grass between the tee (= place where you first hit the ball) and the green (= place where the ball should enter a hole)
2. nautical: a navigable channel in a harbour, offshore etc; the usual course taken by vessels in such places;
fall on vb to use force against in order to harm; to strike out at (Our foes fell us on at dusk); attack
[calque from German anfallen]
fall-on-ly adj easily influenced or affected with, e.g. The weak are fall-on-ly to sickness; susceptible
[calque from German 'anfallig']
fand vb try, test, experience;
[OE fandian]
fandle vb visit; beseek* (*as in Dan./Norw. 'besøk', NGH 'besuchen')
[from Old Frisian]
Faraday's Candle n electricity; ghost-fire; edison-ware, glaremight.
[Michael Faraday, electricity pioneer.]
{{wordbook entry
 |word= farlooker
 |part of speech= n
 |meaning= an instrument used to see things far away
 |synonyms= telescope
fasthavle adj retentive, tenacious;
father dust n pollen;
[<poetic O.E. 'father (source or originator)& dust (pollen): a fine powdery dust']
fay vb to fit, to join, to unite, to lie close;
fayness n variety, diversity;
[<OE fægnys]
feardom n the state of living in fear or being subject to laws and policies based on fear.;
[<OE: fear & dom.]
feir n companion;
ferd n An army, company, or journey; military expedition, host, band, group
[Dialectical/Obsolete, OE fyrd, ME ferde]
ferding n 50 acres of land;
ferly adj wildly unexpected, amazingly odd, wonderfully strange;
[<OE 'færlic' and ME 'ferly']
ferren adv from remote place/time;
[OE feorran]
ferrow n life, soul, spirit; life, soul
[OE feorh]
ferrowfain n happy to be alive, fain to live;
[OE feorhfægen]
ferþ n mind, spirit;
[OE ferhþ]
Filibrook n February;
[OE calendar (brook filling)]
findle n invention;
[OE fyndele]
find oneself off with vb to accept, to come to terms with (He coulde never find himself off with the tragedy); accept
[calque from German sich abfinden mit]
findstand n position in space; where something can be found; location
[compound: 'find' + 'stand']
finsterness noun darkness; hesterness,
[from German finsternis]
fleam n river, stream, watercourse, bourne, beck; stream, runnel, yea
[OE: fleama]
fleet n river, watercourse, often fast flowing, flood. 2. a ship, ships collectively; stream, runnel, yea, bourne.
[OE: fleot: to float.]
flinder n butterfly;
[Dutch: vlinder]
fogbow n a white arc or circle, similar to a rainbow, which can appear in the sky in foggy conditions as sunlight passes through small airborne water droplets;
fold n earth, terra firma;
[OE folde]
folkdom n a land that is wielded by its folk ("republic" in English); as gainstanding to a kingdom, which is wielded by a king/queen, or has a king/queen as its head; republic, gemaenewealth
[neologism, somewhat based on ð OE léodscearu, from folk "people" + -DOM (suffix denoting realm or state of being)]
folksmight n a system of government in which the people make the decisions; democracy
[calque on democracy < Gk demokratia, literally demos 'people, folk' + kratos 'might, strength']
folm n hand;
[OE folm]
forbind vb to bind up;
[OE forbindan]
forblad adj covered in blood, murderous rage;
[c.f. 'forswat;' 'for'+'blead']
forblow vb blow or toss about; puff up, inflate; inflate
[ME [forblowen][1], OE forblāwan]
forbow vb decline;
[OE forbugan]
forbus n example; model, template, archetypte
[from OE forebysen]
forlook vb to look ahead to towards the future.; foreshadow, predict, anticipate
[MW (Archaic), fore+look]
forsooth adv in truth (can be used to express disbelief in an ironic sense); indeed, in fact, in sooth
[OED (Archaic), OE foſrōþ, ME forſoþe/forſothe(Spelling varies)]
forthink [2] vb to regret (to change the mind of oneself); renounce, repent
[MW & CED (Archaic), OE þyncan & forþencan (mistrust, despise), ME forthynken/forthinken]
fordwilm vb confound;
fordwine vb vanish, disappear; dwindle
[OE fordwinan]
foreathily adv very easily, facilely; easily, smoothly, deftly
[OE: fore, an augmentative or strengthing of the meaning & eaðe: eathly, easily.]
forefighter n a soldier, warrior, champion.; fighter, fighting-man, harman, knight.
[OE. fore: at the front & feohtan: fighting.]
forekind n ancestors, predecessors, progenitors; forefathers, forebears, fore-elders, erekin.
[OE: fore: ancient, before & cynn: kind.]
foreshadow vb to presage, or suggest something in advance;
foreshorten vb to abreviate;
[neolism: fore + shorten]
forestall vb to prolong, draw out;
[neolism: fore + stall]
foretide n antiquity, past ages, olden times, prehistoric times);
[calque from Ge Vorzeit, Nl voortijd]
fore-wit n foresight.; prudence
[OE. forewitan]
forhele vb to hide; conceal;
[ME forhelen, OE forhelan]
forlet vb to abandon; give up; leave; leave behind;
[ME forleten, OE forlǣtan (see Fr. ferlitte, Du. verlaten, NHG verlassen)]
formeal vb negotiate;
[OE formælan]
forsay vb to say something on one's behalf; defend;
[neolism: for + say]
forstand vb to represent; literally to stand for;
[neolism: for + stand]
forswat adj covered in sweat, become overheated;
[ME: 'for' + 'sweat']
forthput vb to put forth, bring forth, show,; to present
[forth + put]
forþring vb drive out, rescue from, defend against, elbow, displace;
[OE forþringan]
the four sights n The four sights are four things described in the legendary account of Gautama Buddha's life which led to his realization of the impermanence and ultimate state of dissatisfaction of conditioned existence. According to this legend, before these encounters Siddhārtha Gautama had been confined to his palace by his father, who feared that he would become an ascetic if he came into contact with sufferings of life according to a prediction. However, on his first venture out of the palace with his charioteer Channa, he observed four sights: an old man, a sick man, a corpse and a beggar ascetic. These obs ervations affected him deeply and made him realize the sufferings of all beings, and compelled him to begin his spiritual journey as a wandering ascetic, which eventually led to his enlightenment.;
[OE. four & sight]
freave n vowel;
[OE freave: blend of free breathe (Barnes suggestion for 'vowel')]
freech n danger;
[OE fréĉen]
fremd adj belonging to a different country or culture; foreign
[OE fremd]
frim adj 1. fresh 2. <OE freme 'vigorous, flourishing';
friendship. 'A hedge between, keeps a friendship green.' pvb privacy is important in friendship;
[John Heywood's collection of proverbs 1546]
frimdy adj curious;
[OE frymdig]
friþ/frith n peace, freedom from molestation, protection, safety; security, harmfast
[obsolete and poetic OE friþ/friðu akin to OS frithu and ON friðr]
friþstool n a stone seat, placed near the altar of a church, which afforded protection to those seeking sanctuary;
frod adj wise, knowing;
frodship n city council;
[from Dutch vroedschap]
frosh n frog, toad;
[rare/dialectical from OE frosc]
froðer vb change, wend;
[contraction of for - other (cf. Du. veranderen)]
frover vb console;
[OE frefran]
froward [3] adj difficult to deal with; contrary;
[OE fromweard]
furb vb clean, cleanse;
[as in refurbish; from proto-germanic "furbijanan"]
furg n mountain woodland;
[OE fyrgen]
fyrn adj former, ancient;
[OE; see also Ic. forn, Swe. forntida]