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backtalk vb talking behind someone's back; to gossip
[compound back + talk]
backbearing n a piece of text leading back to another article or paper.;
[direct calque of Latin]
bakehouse n a shop where breads are baked and sold; bakery
[extension of existing word, from compound of bake 'to cook food in an oven' & house]
bane n a person or thing that ruins or spoils; that which causes death or destroys life; a deadly poison.; curse, nemesis, undoing
[neologism, from OE bana slayer; that which destroys life; causes death, destruction, ruin or woe, as in a watery bane.]
banestead n a palace where people are not meant to live owing to the extremes and harshness of the climate, as a polar region.; hell on earth
[neologism, from OE bana slayer. bane: cursed, woe. stead place in various applications.]
banewave n a very large ocean wave caused by an underwater earthquake or volcanic explosion.; tsunami, killer wave
[neologism, from OE bana slayer. Bane: that which destroys life; causes death, destruction, ruin or woe. Wave an advancing ridge or swell of liquid, as of the sea; a moving billow of water.]
baneworm n a huge, winged serpent with crested head and enormous claws and teeth, and often spouting fire; dragon, Grendel
[neologism, from OE bana slayer. Bane: that which destroys life; causes death, destruction, ruin or woe. wyrm a worm, snake, or serpent]
bareback adj without a saddle on the back of a horse that is being ridden;
bawse adj purple, scarlet, crimson; clam
[OE basu]
Bayerland n Bavaria; Bayern
[calque from Icelandic Bæjaraland, derived from OE Bægware-, Bægere- 'The Bavarians' + -land]
beadle n warrant, officer;
[OE bydel]
bearing adj fertile, fecund;
[OE berend]
beclip vb encompass;
becloud v to obfuscate, or make muddled, to confuse an issue; confuse, beguile, deceive
[existing rare English word, a compound of be- and cloud]
bede vb pray;
[OE bedian]
befit vb to be appropriate for; literally " to be fit for";
[be- + fit]
beforemath n the events and situations that lead to a particualr end; antecedence, here-to-fore, foregoings
[neologism & antonymn of aftermath. From the Old English words: before & math a mowing]
beghast vb to inspire, inspire; enthuse; fill with shock, awe, wonder, or amazement; begeist
[existing word; be- + ghast]
beglide vb accompany;
[calque: Fr. begeliede, Du.begeleiden, NHG begleiten]
behet vb promise;
[OE behatan]
bellowharp n accordeon;
benim vb deprive;
[OE beniman]
berather vb to choose over or like better than something else; prefer
[compound: be- + rather]
beshed n/vb n: distinction vb: dicriminate;
[OE bescead(an)]
besnit vb pollute, dishonour;
[OE besnitan]
besorrow vb to have compassion for;
[OE besorgian]
beswape vb persuade;
[OE beswapan]
beswike vb deceive;
[OE beswican]
betoken vb 1. symbolise 2.designate; to gossip
[2. OE betacnian]
bewarp vb pervert;
beway vb to move;
[calque: from German "bewegen"]
bewise vb to show the truth or the being of (something) by evidence or reasoning.; to prove
[calque: from German/other Germanic languages "beweisen"]
bilewhit adj innocent, sincere;
[OE bilewit]
birl vb pour, serve drink to;
[<ME birlen <OE byrelian]
bitter earth n in chemistry, an alkaline earth, now recognised as oxide of magnesium (MgO); magnesium
[putting together of the OE words: bitter & earth]
bleeding edge phr something too new and untested to be considered reliable or to have an assurance of safety. fig. such place where such things exist, 'as the 'bleeding edge' of drone technology.' cf. 'cutting edge.'; cutting edge
bleeter vb to talk aimlessly;
blissend n a quiet and easy death; means of procuring this; euthanasia
[a blending of the OE words: bliss: happy end& send: easy death]
blome n metal;
[OE blóma]
blood-month n the eleventh month of the year, so called because the heathen Anglo-Saxons sacrificed cattle to their gods; November
[Anglo-Saxon, from Blōt-Mōnath]
bloomcole n cauliflower;
bookcraft n creative writing of recognized artistic value, the humanistic study of written work; literature
[OE boccræft]
bookly adj literary;
[OE boclic]
book-whisperer n one who encourages the love of books and reading in children.;
[OE boc & hwisprian & er]
boroughman n town citizen;
[OE burhman]
boundness n obligation;
[OE bundennes]
brambling n a winter visitor to Britain that breeds in northern parts of Eurasia;
brath n impetuousity, violence, ire; wrathful
[dialectal, C15th-16th Northern dialects, from OE braþþe < ME:braþ & ON:brað]
bread: it is good thing to eat brown bread first. pvb hardships are more easily endured in one's youth rather than in old age.;
breme adj famous;
brock n a small mammal of the kind Meles meles, with black and white stripes on its head; badger
[dialectual, from OE brocc < Celtic]
brook vb to use, enjoy;
brownfield n an abandoned, contaminated industrial site; atterground
[neologism; a putting together of OE words: brown & field]

burnstone n amber; glarestone; brimstone (loosely).
[calque of afrikaans' (bairnsteen)]
by-gone adj that has gone-by; things that are passed; deceased; arrears; the past(rare); former, past, happened
[a putting together of OE words: by & gone]
byspel n example, proverb;
[existing word from OE bispel]

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