>Anglish "Slang" Wordbook

Yardrat nThe possum.
YarningvbTo tell tales
YieldyadjFertile, as in "yieldy" field
Yellowstone waterphrHooch; moonshine
Yellow-streaknCowardice, unindependenceness
YeppingnSubservience; servility; truckling
Yes-mannAn acquiescent follower; a person who lacks independence of thought
You aint seen nothing yetphrThe worst is yet to come; the best is yet to come
You and me bothphrThat is right; I agree with you.
You knowphrAn indefinite substitute name for any contrivance or device.
Young hopefulphrA recruit with potential
Young timerphrA youthful person; an inexperienced person
You're onphrIt is agreed; it isa bargain
You tell'emphrI agree with what you just said;
YouthenvbTo renew youthful looks
YouwardadvTowards you

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