> Anglish "Slang" Wordbook

Anglish sp.English
Wade inphrTo begin, initiate, start a fight
WagsternA wit; a joker; a fellow
Walk intophrTo attack a person; to begin a task
WalkovernTo decisive defeat
Walk-upnAn apartment that is not provided with a lift or elevator: one you walk up to.
Warm upphrTo be enthuiastic about a subject or friendly to a person; variant " To warm to."
Warm wordsphrA profanity
Warts and witchesphrA distasteful atmosphere
WashnA gully orr a gulch
WashboardyadjRutted; ribbed; rough
Washed upphrExhausted; worn out; finished or ended, lost or broken as in a relationship "They were all washed up."
WasherynA place where washing is done.
WashoutnA failed outcome
WatchnA working shift
Watch your stepphrBe alert; do not let yourself be fooled
Wavelengthn"To be on the same wavelength." is to agree with and support the opinion of an other.
Way-backnAn old-fashioned person
Weary-wartnA disagreeable person
WeaselnA scandal-monger. 2. an informer
Weasel wordsphrA statement that changes the fundamental meaning of a previous statement
WeathercandelnSun (<OE wedercandel)
WeednTobacco; marijuana. 2 To solicit alms
Weed outphrTo remove; cull; separate
Weedwords nSlang, rot-Welsh, street-yelp.
Week-end mindedphrTo think chiefly of getting away from work; as in "The Easy-beats" song: " Friday on my mind'
Weigh inphrTo involve oneself in an argument or issue.
WeightnInfluence; sway; importance
Well heeledadjWell supplied with money and property; well-to-do
Well shodphrIn comfort circumstances; wealthy
Whale on phrTo strike an opponent heavily and repeatedly in a fight. 2. to beat heavily on anything
Whale tail nWhale tail is the Y-shaped waistband of a thong or G-string when visible above the waistline of low-rise jeans, shorts, or a skirt that resembles a whale's tail. Intentionally or unintentionally, a whale tail is exposed above the trousers mostly when sitting or bending, or even while standing
What it takesphrThe means; money
What's eating youphrWhat is worrying you; or causing you anxiety or stress
What have youphrAn indefinite substitute for any name, often at an end of a series, as " A Mercedes, an Audi, A Ferrari, or what have you." Often equivalent to et cetera.
What's the go phr (What Goes) - state of affairs, what's happening.
WheelnAs in "big Wheel" an important person; leader
Wheel-horsenA person, especially a politician, who shows no independence, but unquestionably follows the lead of someone else
Wheels in the HeadphrMentally unbalanced; insane
Which-whatnAn indefinite substitute name for any contrivance or device
Whisper-low nA speak-easy.
Whistle-stopnAny small town
WhiteadjHonest, fair, reliable
White-choker nPriest, reverend, minister of religion, clergyman; speliend, godsmith, soul-whisperer, make-god, man of the cloth; ghostly-father. 2. a goat, a crow.
White stuffphrCocaine
WhitewashvbTo cover up any defects or shortcomings; statements that attempt to do this.
WhittlevbTo reduce expenses.
Whore Out phrTo prostitute, take advantage of, exploit, show off; to hire out or provide to others like a whore; to pimp, swap one's sex partner.
Whore's eyes nThe eyes of a cheating whore wife. One who cares not for wedding vows or morals
Why-fornThe reason; as "I'll tell you the why-for."
Wide-on nA sexually aroused vagina. 2. state of female sexual arousal.
Widow makerphrA dangerous hanging limb of a tree
Wild aboutphrDevoted to; wild about
Wild and woollyphrUncouth; reckless
WildcatadjTo take part in highly speculative enterprise; unsound; fraudulent, or very questionable; an enterprise of this kind.
Win by a whiskerphrTo win by a small margin
WindowsnThe eyes
Wind upphrTo finish; the finish, to have as an end result 2. To wind someone up: to fool
WindyadjTalkative, boastful; noisy;
Winning waysphrA habit of winning; a record of many victories
Winter and Spring yokephrA marriage in which one of the partners is much older than other (obsolete)
WipernAn assassin; hitman; hired killer
Wire-hairedadjCocksure; self-confident
WirepullingnExerting secret influence, especially in political matters. A person who does this is a wirepuller; variant forms " pull the strings; string puller.
Wisdom's-weed nMarijuana; hemp, cannabis.
WisecracknA sarcastic remark; a statement that is intended to be clever. To make such remarks. One who makes such remarks.
Wise upphrTo become shrewdly aware; get smart. Often as an exhortation: Wise up, don't you know that your best mate is f***ing your wife!"
Wishy-washyadjLacking in strength and courage
WitchnAn unattractive girl
WolfnA degenerate, an assassin
WolfvbTo deceive; to betray. 2. To eat down like glutton; to scoff
Wolfland nAn old nickname for Ireland.
Wolf treephrAn old tree that shuts off light needed by younger trees growing under it
Wonder water nSteroids.
Won going awayphrWon with ease
Wood beephrA party to gather and prepare fuel for some needy person
Wood foamer nA surfer (wooden (board) & foam (surf)
Wood headphrA stupid person
Wood shifter nA chess player.
WoodyadjFoolish; insane
Wooden swearing n.Knocking furniture about as an expression of anger
Wordmonger n.A journalist; a hack writer
WordsmithnA worker with words; a writer
WordsternA dealer in words; a hack writer.
Word-wheeling nLoquacious-ness, garrulous speech, over-talkative-ness.
WorkvbTo gain favour of a person, especially by questionable methods.
Working the come-inphrEntertaining the audience before the main performance begins
Work oneself into a lathernTo get excited or angry
WorkwiseadjEager for work
WrinklenAn idea; a plan; a device.
WrinklynAn elderly man or woman