> Anglish "Slang" Wordbook

TailnA woman as a sex object.
TakenA cheat, swindler, scammer; deceive. 2. The box-office receipts: "The Take or The Takings." '
Take a lickingphrTo lose; to get poor results; to end in defeat
Take a shotphrTo take a chance; make an effort
Take inphrTo cheat, deceive, scam; defraud
Take it on the chinphrTo absorb the punishment/disappointment and move on
Take the bit between one's teethphrTo assert one's independence; to act assertively
Talk up oneselfphrTo boast; to talk arrogantly.
Talking ironphrA pistol, a revolver, gun
TalkshopnA place where a lot of talk takes place, but usually without much action.
Tall steppingphrExcellent performing; good playing; outstanding
TeapotnA locomotive, train, especially a steam train.
Tell the WorldphrTo say loudly, emphatically and somewhat boastfully.
Thank-you workphrGratitious work.
That kindphrA person or thing that is regarded as inferior or disagreeable is said to be that kind
Thick as thievesphrVery friendly
Thimble-knightnA tailor
Think box nBran.
Thinker n"The thinker: the brain.
Thistle-diggernCountrified person; a rustic; bumpkin, hick
ThoroughgoodnA thoroughly good person
ThrashvbTo defeat; beat in a sporting event
Three-toed sloth nA patient with diminished capacities, usually from long-term abuse of alcohol and/or addictive drugs.
ThroughshinevbShine through (<OE þurhscīnan)
ThrowawaynAdvertising circular; a letter box bill
Throw the book atphrTo give a law violator the maximum sentence
Thrown togetherphrA makeshift outfit or combination; unattractive
ThumbernA hitchhiker
Thistle-chinsnLocal residents (a circus word).
ThusnessnA manner, method, or extent
Tie the knotphrTo perform a marriage; get or become married
Timber-wolfnA lumberjack, timberjack or logger
Time-needynThose people who struggle to find a work/ life balance
Tin earphrTo eaves drop; to spy
Tin fish nA torpedo (navy slang).
TinhornlandnThe world of petty gamblers, betters and punters.
Tinshin offvbTo abscond with money
Tish nExcrement; a metathesis of 'shit'
Toe the linephrTo obey orders; to meet all requirements with meticulous care.
ToolienA older man (25-35yrs) who preys upon drunken and disoriented schoolies .
TopvbTo hang; to be executed by hanging.
Top dognThe chief man in the organisation
Topmost rungphrFirst place
Top offphTo assassinate; to execute
ToppedadjAssassinated; executed '
Top shapephrExcellent condition; first class
Top the standingphrTo take the first place among(st) competitors
ToughadjRough, vicious, aggressive, difficult; unfortunate; too bad (see "Tough shit")
ToughnA "Tough" a violent, aggressive thug and stand-over man
Tough goingphrA hard an difficult situation.
Tough shitphrToo bad (see "Tough")
Tough stick nA patient whose veins are too hard to find when drawing blood.
TrimmingsnMoney swindle from gullible people
TumblesetnA somersault
Turf itphrTo go on foot; walk
Twelvhynde and TwihyndephrThe rich and the poor
TwinklersnThe eyes
Two-mugnTraitor, duplicitous person, double-crosser
Two-fistedadjVigorous, forceful, energetic
Two-timevbTo deceive; to play one falsely; to cheat; to betray; to double-cross; to be a false-hearted lover

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