> Anglish "Slang" Wordbook

Anglish sp.English
Lady birdnA kept mistress
Lady fingersnFists
Lady's-man nA man who pursues and otherwise devotes himself to women, a lady's man, to an unusual degree.
LambnA gullible victim.
Lame brainphrA dull or stupid person
Lame duckphrA politician in office ho has been defeated for re-election. 2. on the Stock Exchange a person who is unable to fulfill his own engagements. 3. In business a person whose credit is no good. 4. A vulnerable person in general
LandvbTo get, secure or obtain a contract, job, position; to succeed in general.
LandslidenAn overwhelming victory or defeat, esp. in apolitical election
LandlookersnPioneer settlers
Last brighteningphrYesterday morning
LathernAngry mood; indignation
Lay offphrCease to; to keep quiet; to dismiss or let go
Lay outphrTo knock unconscious
Lead-in mannInitiator, one who commences or starts up something.
Lead spitternA revolver, a gun
Learn the ropesphrTo become informed concerning the proper procedures
LeatherheadnA stupid person
LeathernecknAn uncouth person
Leave it up tophrTurn it over to; make another person responsible, as in "I leave that up to you."
Led by the nosephrInfluenced to one's own disadvantage; controlled by another; subject or subordinate to another.
Left-handed thinkerphrA person who has peculiar ideas; one who is mentally unbalanced. NB: the bias against left-handers during the 1930s when this term was coined.
Left-handed wifephrA concubine
Left-mindedadjPeculiar; odd; queer
Left-wingernA person who has liberal or radical views
Let him downphrTo take the conceit out of a person.
Let onphrTo divulge; reveal, disclose, leak
Let one's hair downphrTo party and celebrate boisterously.
Let slidephrTo cease caring.
Lick finger nA cook, chef.
LickingnA defeat
Lie lowphrTo be intentionally inconspicuous; to avoid exposing oneself to attack.
LiftvbTo plagiarize
LightweightnA person of mediocre ability.
Likes of/ "The likes of" phrSuch (a person) as, often used in a pejorative context, e.g.," Why should he suffer for the likes of you."
Limber upphrTo indulge in a little exercise preliminary to a game or contest
Line the insidephrTo eat
LipnTalk, especially or unpleasant talk; to talk in such a manner. 2. a lawyer
LispersnThe teeth
Little shotnAn unimportant person.
Live stocknProstitutes
Live wirephrAn active and aggressive person.
Loaded for bearphrWell supplied with facts; well qualified; indignant
Lock hornsphrTo engage in a contest; to debate; to disagree
Long shotphrA horse, athlete or participant who chances of winning are remote
Long timernA prisoner who has a long time to serve
LookseenA view, glimpse
Lord Nightsorrow nOne who fears the night and night time; noctophobiac.
Lose by a whiskerphrTo be defeated by a narrow margin
Losing-streak nMenstruation.
Love-glove nA condom.
Love nestnThe home of a newly married couple; a place (usu. an apartment) used for amorous and often illicit rendezvous, often by a man and his mistress
LowbrownAn unintelligent person; an uneducated person; a vulgar person; a person from a lower socioeconomic position
LowdownnTrue facts; the truth; correct information. 2. the emotional excitement simulated by blues songs.