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> Anglish "Slang" Wordbook

Anglish sp.English
Lady birdnA kept mistress
Lady fingersnFists
Lady's man n phr.A man who pursues and otherwises devotes himself to women to an unusual degree.
LambnA gullible victim.
Lame brainphrA dull or stupid person
Lame duckphrA politician in office ho has been defeated for re-election. 2. on the Stock Exchange a person who is unable to fulfill his own engagements. 3. In business a person whose credit is no good. 4. A vulnerable person in general
LandvbTo get, secure or obtain a contract, job, position; to succeed in general.
LandslidenAn overwhelming victory or defeat, esp. in apolitical election
LandlookersnPioneer settlers
Last brighteningphrYesterday morning
LathernAngry mood; indignation
Lay offphrCease to; to keep quiet; to dismiss or let go
Lay outphrTo knock unconscious
Lead-in mannIniatator, commencer
Lead spitternA revolver, a gun
Learn the ropesphrTo become informed concerning the proper procedures
LeatherheadnA stupid person
LeathernecknAn uncouth person
Leave it up tophrTurn it over to; make another person responsible, as in "I leave that up to you."
Led by the nosephrInfluenced to one's own disadvantage; controlled by another; subject or subordinate to another.
Left-handed thinkerphrA person who has peculiar ideas; one who is mentally unbalanced. NB: Note bias against left handers during the 1930s when this term was coined.
Left-handed wifephrA concubine
Left-mindedadjPeculiar; odd; queer
Left-wingernA person who has liberal or radical views
Let him downphrTo take the conceit out of a person.
Let onphrTo divulge; reveal, disclose, leak
Let one's hair downphrTo party and celebrate boisterously.
Let slidephrTo cease caring.
LickingnA defeat
Lie lowphrTo be intentionly inconspicuous; to avoid expoosing oneself to attack.
LiftvbTo plagiarize
LightweightnA person of mediodcre ability.
Likes ofphr "The likes of" such (a person) as, often used in a pejorative context, e.g.," Why should he suffer for the likes of you."
Limber upphrTo indulge in a little exercise preliminary to a game or contest
Line the insidephrTo eat
LipnTalk, esp ecially or unpleasant talk; to talk in such a manner. 2. a lawyer
LispersnThe teeth
Little shotnAn unimportant person.
Live stocknProstitutes
Live wirephrAn active and aggressive person.
Loaded for bearphrWell supplied with facts; well qualified; indignant
Lock hornsphrTo engage in a contest; to debate; to disagree
Long shotphrA horse, athlete or participant who chances of winning are remote
Long timernA prisoner who has a long time to serve
LookseenA view, glimpse
Lose by a whiskerphrTo be defeated by a narrow margin
Love nestnThe home of a newly married couple; a place (usu. an apartment) used for amorous and often iilicit rendezvous, often by a man and his mistress
LowbrownAn unintelligent person; an uneducated person; a vulgar person; a person from a lower socio-economic position
LowdownnTrue facts; the truth; correct information. 2. the emotional excitement simulated by blues songs.

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