> Anglish "Slang" Wordbook

Anglish spEnglish
Ice maiden n.A very cold and composed woman.
I mean and howphrThat is absolutely true
In a walkphrEasily; by a wide margin
Inching alongphrProgressing slowly but steadily
In-onadjInvolved with; privy to; part of
In sourphrIn disfavor; disliked
InsidernA person who has secret information; a member of the 'Inner sanctum' of an organisation
In the blackphrIn profit, in good financial shape
In the darkphrIgnorant, uninformed, as in "Let's keep him in the dark
In the knowphrHaving inside information; knowing secrets
In the redphrIn debt, in financial diifficulty
In the runningphrAmong the chief contenders; having a good chance to win
In the spotlightphrLeading, prominent, outstanding. "In the limelght" is a variant
In the swimphrIn the contest, in the race
Iron housenA jail, prison
It's a go phrA bargain, an agreement, a deal. 2. it's a success.
It's all go phrEverything is full on, energetically undertaken.
IttishnessnSexual attractiveness
IttyadjSexually attractive

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