> Anglish "Slang" Wordbook

Anglish sp English
Hack nAn attempt, try, endeavor. OE: to chop, cut or cut into or through crudely.
Hack vbTo annoy, irritate.
Hack vbTo tinker with a computer system for pleasure and proof of one's expertise. 2. to gain unauthorised access to a computer system usually for illegal purposes.
Hacker nAn enthusiast for using computers as an end in itself. 2. one who uses their computer skills to try to gain unauthorized access to computer systems
Hacking nThe use of computers for pleasure. 2. the unauthorized access of computer systems.
Hack it vbTo manage, to tolerate, to bear or cut through a difficulty, solve or work out a problem.
Hack it out phrTo work out a problem, devise a plan.
Hackle nCourage, pluck, bravery; show a hackle: be willing to stand and fight.
Hackles nWhiskers.
Hair-monger nA womanizer.
Half-bakedadjHastily prepared, inadequate, incomplete, inchoate
Hand it to s.o.phrAcknowledge someone's ability or superiority; admit defeat
HandlenA name; one's name.
Hand-me-downs n.Second hand clothes
Hand over fistphrRapidly, readily
Hand-pickedadjFirst-class, choice, select
Handy wagonnA police car, esp. a patrol car
HangoutnA crooks' rendezvous or hideout
HangovernThe after-effectsof alcohol
Hang-upnAn emotional concern or problem
HardwarenWeapons, firearms
Has-beennOne once successful, but now waning in skills and ability
Hatched-upphrInvented, concoct or devise, but often not factual
Have a go phrTo try, endeavor, attempt.
Have a go at phrTo attack verbally and physically.
Have a go phrTo take a turn, have a spell at.
Have a go at someone phrTo confront, criticise, insult.
Have the drop onphrTo have an advantage oover another person
Have the edgephrTo be superior or to be rated superior
Have the goodsphrTo be well qualified or competent; to have the ability.
Have the goods onphrTo be in possession of incriminating evidence
HayburnernA horse
HaymakernA knockout punch
HayshakernA farmer
HaywirevTo go haywire: to be botched, inefficient
Head intophrBegin, commence, start, undertake
HeadlightsnThe eyes. 2.The breasts
HeadlinernA prominent person, a celebrity, a leading event
Headshrinker nA psychiatrist.
Hear-tell nGossip, hearsay, chatter.
Heart-knifernA person who refuses to accept proffered affection.
HeatnTrouble; near to trouble.
Heaven-born n"The Heaven-born" - the rulers and leaders of the Indian civil service during British rule.
Heaven reachernPreacher; evangelist, reverend, priest.
Heaven's dustnCocaine
HeavyweightnAn important person, an able person
He-bloodedadjStrong; robust; virile
HeelnA person who informs against another or betrays him; a lag; a grass; also a petty thief
HeftyadjWeighty, strong, powerful, heavy or muscular person.
Hell (Sell) to a Bishop phrBe very persuasive (with the gift of the gab).
Hell-bentadjDetermined, insistent, set, as in "He is hellbent on finishing first." 2. Direct and rapidly, as in "He is hell-bent for Melbourne."
Hell sticksnMatches
Hell windnA tornado
He-mannA well-built man with plenty of sex appeal; virile and strong
Hen-headedadjBrainless, stupid, half-wittish
HerdernA prison guard
Het upphrAngry, annoyed
He-whore nA male sex-worker.
He wouldExclThat is just like him; that is the kind of person he is. Expresses disgust
Hide outnA place of hiding
Hide out on onephrTo keep a secret from someone
HidingnA defeat; a great defeat
HighadjUnder the influence of drugs
HighbrownAn aristocrat; a learned person; a person who thinks he is superior to his fellows or gives the impression he thinks so.
Higher upphrAn official; an officer; any superior in an organisation.
High-flyingadjPretentious; arrogant
High horsenConceit, arrogance, formality
High-lineadjHigh priced merchandise
High-steppernA proud person; a person who lives extravagantly; a dissapator
Hit his stridephrTo play well; to improve as the game progresses
Hit it offphrTo agree; to get along well together.
Hit the booksphrTo study
Hit the hayphrTo go to bed; go to sleep
Hit the gritphrTo go on foot
Hit the high spotsphrTo travel rapidly; to skim over rapidly.
Hit the hot spotsphrTo play in the large cities
Hoary-eyedajIntoxicated, drunk
Hold everythingphrTo refrain; to wait a minute
Hold outphrTo with hold loot or information; money withheld in the division of loot; a gambler device for cheating
Hold your horsesphrDo not be impatient; do not act hastily; restrain yourself
HolenA cell
Hole in the roadphrA village, townlet, stopover
Holy cowexclA sacrosanct condition
Holy deadlocknAn unhappy marriage
Home brewnLiquor distilled at home
Home stretchnThe last part of the task; the final period of time.
HoneynA honey is a sweet and loveable girl; also an very attractive one.
HoneymannA man kept by a woman
HoodnA criminal
Hoodrat nA sexually promiscuous girl.
HookernA prostitute, street-walker, sex worker, strumpet
Hook up withphrBecome friendly with; become romantically attached to
HopperclodnA clumsy, awkward person; a clodhopper
Horn inphrTo crowd in where one is not wanted; to interfere in the affairs of others.
HorsefeathersnNonsense; buncombe, idiotic talk.
HotadjAs in she's "hot" meaning attractive and very sexy
Hot as a Strippers Last Grind phrVery hot, erotic,
Hotfoot itphrWalk or travel rapidly; to hasten; leave in a hurry
Hot goodsnStolen goods
Hot sloughnA residence where people are at home
Hot tonguenA passionate female
Hot waternTrouble, difficulty,
Hot wife nA married female swinger who has sexual intercourse with men other than her husband, with the husband's approval.
Hot wirenGood news; late information
Hot wirevTo start a car by crossing the wires
HurdlenA difficulty, an obstacle