The simbledays listed in middle eld daybooks are mostly bethoughtenings of the day the Holyfolk were slain (their “birthdays” into heaven). Other simbledays bethoughten outstanding happenings in the lives of Christ and the Unswiven. But no daybooks inhold the happenings of Christ's Enachening (Gainrising, Upgoing, or the Downcoming of the Holy Ghost): these were shifting symbledays whose daymarks rest upon that of Eastertide, which shifted from year to year. In a way, daybooks that were brooked in the Book of Tides are unending daybooks, since they can always be brooked from one year to the next.

Most of the simbledays are written in black (or dark brown), whereas the greater simbledays are written in red (hence, our saying “red-letter day,” meaning a great happening) or, sometimes, blue. Often, within big and very old handwrits, the most holy of days are written by gold leaf; in the daybook given below, the most holy of days will be boldly seen.

In this Daybook, it's hoped that the tallying of days should let us overfare time and to beghast a bond with our kin and kith of yore.

What will you see in this Daybook? Edit

This daybook will keep for you, the days for when manifold worts may be sown into the ground by the four yeartides, the waxing or waning of the moon, and the manifold holy days and sumbles. You will also see that there are added to this daybook, not well known days, such as Tolkien Reading Day... Yes, it's a thing.


SB short for Sunday Bookstaves. These were kept to mark the Sundays of the church year. Nowadays they are only kept for the Reckoning, which is the way of finding the time of Easter.
GR stands for Golden Rime, which tell of the showing of the new moons and the full moons throughout the year.
Christish holyday.
🗲 Heathen holyday.
Sowing and Reaping, Seeding and Plucking.
Wiccan and New-Heathenhood.

Should you wish to fay more to this daybook, please look at the Unicode for the most fitting tokens.

2018 - Two-Thousand and Eighteen - MMXVIII Edit

Frostmonth (January) Edit

Frostmonth hath 31 days.

GR SB Day Holydays Simbledays
iii. A 1 Hallowedness of Mary, the Holy Mother of God
B 2
xi. C 3
D 4
xix. E 5
viii. F 6
G 7
xvi. A 8 Plough Monday Pega
v. B 9 Berhtwald
C 10 Sæthryth
xiii. D 11
ii. E 12 Biscop Baducing
F 13
x. G 14 Easelmas
A 15 Ceolwulf of Northumbria
xviii. B 16
vii. C 17 • New Moon
D 18
xv. E 19
iiii. F 20
G 21 Osburga of Coventry
xii. A 22 Wendreda
i. B 23 Betrothal of the Hallowed Unswivened Mary
C 24
ix. D 25 Umwandering of Paul the Sendling
E 26
xvii. F 27 Holocaust Bethoughtening Day
vi. G 28
A 29
xiiii. B 30 Balthild of Ascania
iii. C 31 Wilgils of Ripon

Solmonth (February) Edit

Solmonth hath 28 days.

GR SB Day Holiday Simbledays
D 1 ☩ Brigid of Ireland
xi. E 2 Glimmas
xix. F 3 Werburga
viii. G 4 Aldate
A 5
xvi. B 6
v. C 7
D 8
xiii. E 9
ii. F 10
G 11
x. A 12
  • Shrove Monday (2018)
  • Darwin Day
B 13 Shrove Tuesday (2018)
xviii. C 14 • Ash Wednesday (2018)
  • ☩ Valentine's Day
  • 🗲 Vali's day
vii. D 15
E 16
xv. F 17
iiii. G 18
A 19
xii. B 20
i. C 21
D 22
ix. E 23 Milburga
F 24 Shrove Monday (2020)
xvii. G 25 Shrove Tuesday (2020) Æthelberht of Ken
vi. A 26 Ash Wednesday (2020)
B 27
xiiii. C 28 Oswald of Worcester

Rethmonth (March) Edit

Rethmonth hath 31 days

GR SB Day Holiday Simbleday
iii. D 1
E 2
xi. F 3
G 4 Shrove Monday (2019)
xix. A 5 Shrove Tuesday (2019)
viii. B 6 Ash Wednesday (2019)
C 7 Eosterwine
xvi. D 8
v. E 9 Bosa of York
F 10
xiii. G 11
ii. A 12 Ælfheah the Bald
B 13
x. C 14
D 15
xviii. E 16
vii. F 17
G 18
xv. A 19 Winter's End
iiii. B 20 Winter's End Cuthbert
C 21 Winter's End
xii. D 22
i. E 23 Æthelwold of Farne
F 24
ix. G 25 Tolkien Reading Day
A 26
xvii. B 27
vi. C 28 Alcelda
D 29
xiiii. E 30
iii. F 31

More knowhood to be fayed soon.