The High Allmen tung is the ambightly tung of Theedishland, Eastrike, and Liechtenstein, and is also spoken by much of the landwarrow of Swissland and Luxembourg (also known as the Allmen Speechroom). It is a West Theedish tung, maysibly to Anglish, Netherlandish, and Frisish. With nearly 100 muchlered speakers, High Allmen has become one of the world's overling tungs and an ambightly tung of the Quidlandish Gath, where it is also the most widely-spoken tung. High Allmen (as with most other Theedish tungs) is written with the Latin staverow, with the cleaving of ß (eszed) and umlouded a, o, and u on.


Byleids of the Allmen language are usually thought of as other tungs. They are Low Allmen, High Allmen, Upper/Lower Saxon, Westfallish, and Cullish, among others. Allmen also gave rise to Yiddish, a folktung of the Ashkenazish Jews.

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