Allmenish (Theech: Alemannisch) is an Irminonish tung (meaning it is rooted from Old High Theech) and the ambightly tung of Theechland, Eastric, and Lightenstone, and is also spoken by much of the ethel of Switzerland (also known as the Allmen Speechroom). It is spoken by Allmen folk. It is the inborn tung of most of Lightenstone, Switzerland, and Southwest Theechland (most of Baths-Wirthemberry, Bayerish Swabs) and spoken by most folk there. It is also spoken in the Forearlberry shire of Eastric. Before, it was the most spoken tung in Else-Lothrings (today part of Frankland), but has been aset by Frenchish. It is a West Theedish tung, maysibly to English, Netherlandish, and Freesish. With nearly 100 muchlered speakers, Allmenish has become one of the world's overling tungs and an ambightly tung of the Quidlandish Gath, where it is also the most widely-spoken tung. Allmenish (as with most other Theedish tungs) is written with the Romish staverow, with the cleaving of ß (eszed) and umblouded a, o, and u on.


Byleids of the Allmen language are sometimes thought of as other tungs. They are Swabish, Low Allmenish, High Allmenish, and Highest Allmenish.

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