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Passing the mouse over words underlined with dots will show a translation in English of that Anglish or rare word.
This leaf is a drawth wordwrestling a riddle or a wen that has arisen in the making of Anglish. See other drawths.

Anglish is a speechlorely fondenness therefore speechlorish wording is often brooked.

There is a offwrixling of forfarelds to overset these and there is no right or wrong word, so all forfarelds are andfing.

Others in the Anglish Moot have done some loanoversettings: here. However, instead of ahuiking these new words, the dead Old English words could have been edquickened.

Ælfric was an abbot known for his writings (see fastchild leaf). He wrote a book on stavecraft, albeit 'maccaronic' and outdatromed in 'modern standards' as it is 'incosistent' with its 'terminology' and tries to mirror Latin grammarica onto English, it could be fremeful to the Moot.

These are the words he ahuiked:


English Ælfric Latin Ælfric OE Notes
case casus casu
to inflect inflectere declinian
declinable declinabilis declinigendlic
declension declinatio declinung
diphthong dyptongus dyptongon
? glossa glesing
part pars part
not declinable indeclinabilis undeclinigendlic

Simple semantic loans:

English Ælfric Latin Ælfric OE Notes
proper name nomen proprium agen nama own name
? genus cynn kin
action actum dæd -> deed
part pars dæl ->deal
silent mutum dumb dumb
English anglica lingua englisc
meter (rhymes) pedes fet feet
case casus fyll fall
inflect inflectere gebigan to bey
mixed compositum gefeged feyed (or joined)
? accidentia gelimp limped (means also by chance)
common comunis gemæne mene
general generalis gemænelic menely
mood modus gemet met
meter metrum gemet met
number numerus getel tel (OED)
person persona had
?? figura hiw hue
species hiw
causa intinga
productus lang
vitium leahtor laughter
potestas miht might
nomen nama name
regula regol reghel (OED)
fabula saga saga is ON
correpta (littera) scort curt
corripio scyrtan
gramma stæf staff
littera stæf staff
gradus stæp step
voice vox stemn stem
accentus sweg swey
tense tempus tid tide
tense tempus tima time
differentia todal todal (section)
distictio todal
positura todal
recipere underfon
actus weorc work
verbum word in AM deedword
ulterior (modus) yttra (gemet) utter

Complex semantic loans:

English Ælfric Latin Ælfric OE Notes
articulata andgytfullic
praesens andwerd andward
simplex anfeald
singularis anfeald
integrex ansund
interrogatio axung
articulatio clyping
exclamation clypung
vox clypung
periodos clysing
participium dælnimend dealniming (nim=take/sieze/hold)
ordinalis endebyrdlic endbirthly
ordo endebyrdnys endbirthness
praeteritus forðgewiten
praeteritus perfectus forðgewiten fulfremed
prepositio foresetnys foresetness
primitivus frumcenned
primitivus fyrmyst foremost
obliquus (casus) gebiged
conjugatio geðeodnys
conjuctio geðeodnys
terminatio geendung ending
accidentia gelimplic (ðing)
comunis gemænelic
appelavitus gemænlic
epicoenus gemenged
promiscuus gemenged
confusa (vox) gemenged (stemn)
intentivus geornfullic
historia gerecednys
significatio getacnung
barbarismus gewemmednyss (anes wordes) wemmedness (wem=disfigure)
oratio ledenspræc Latinspeech
latina (lingua) ledenspræc, leden
nota mearcung
pluralis menigfeald manifold
pluraliter menigfealdlice
neuter neuter naðor nather
spiritus orðung
adfirmare seþan
grammatica stæfcræft
syllable syllaba stæfgefeg stavefeyed
specialis synderlice sunderly
temporalis tidlic tidely
corruptus tobrocen
futurus towerd toward
fixum (participium) unawendendlic
anomalum (verbum) unefn (word)
indeclinabils ungebigendlic
absolutivus ungebunden
inequalis ungelic
incorporalis unlichamlic
sincopa wanung wan (OED)
masculinus werlic
comparativus wiðmeten
feminina wiflic wifely
passivus þrowung


English Ælfric Latin Ælfric OE Notes
encletica (coniunctio) ahyldendlic
inclinativus ahyldendlic
deponens (verbum) alecgend (word)
deponens (verbum) alecgendlic (word)
disiunctiva (coniunctio) ascyrigendlic
remissivus aslacigendlic
defectivum (verbum) ateorigendlic (word)
mobilis awendedlic
metaplasmus awendspræc
interrogativus axigendlic
ablativus ætbredendlic
demonstrativus æteowigendlice
imperativus bebeodendlic
interiectio betwuxalegednys
interiectio betwuxaworpenys
vocalis clypiendlic
vocativus clypiendlic
activus dædlic deedly
participale (verba) dælnymendlic (word)
gentile (nomen) ðeodlic nama
passivus ðrowigendlic
relativus edlesendlic
infinitio endleasnys
demonstrativus eowigendlic
adfirmativus fæstnigende
confirmativus fæstnigende or seðende
coniunctio feging
deortativus forbeodendlic
praepositvus foresettendlic
dativus forgyfendlic
congregativus gadrigendlic
genetivus geagniendlic
possessivus geagnigendlic
indicativus gebicniendlic
declinatio gebigednyss
vocativus gecigendlic
appellativus gecigendlic
copulativa (coniunctio) geðeodendlic
adnectens gefæstniende
figura gefegednys
completiva (conjunctio) gefyllendlic
frequentativum (verbum) gelomlæcende
genitivus gestrynendlic
desiderativus gewilnigendlic
optativus gewiscendlic
semivocalis healfclypiend
deortativus mistihtendlic
nominativus nemniendlic
superlativus oferstigendlic
dirivativus ofgangend
dirivativus ofgangendlic
inchoativa (species) onginnendlic (hiw)
adfirmativus seðende
confimativus seðende
meditativus smeagendlic smeagan =to reflect ('smeg' is unrelated Latin)
localis stowelic stowly
vocalis swegendlic sweyingly
iurativus swerigendlic swearingly
discretivus syndrigendlic
ortativus tihtendlic
vocandum (adverbium) toclypigendlic
dubitativus twynigendlic
subjunctive coniunctivus/subiunctivus underðeodendlic
subauditio underhlystung
subdistinctio undertodal
(praeteritum) imperfectum unfulfremed (forðgewiten)
inifinitivus ungeendigendlic
diminutivus wanigendlic
adversativus wiðerrædlic
comparativus wiðmetendlic
abnegativus wiðsacendlic
accusativus wregendlic

Loan renditions:

English Ælfric Latin Ælfric OE Notes
voice vox cræftspræc craftspeech
relatio edlesung
casualis (forma) gebigendlic (hiw)
loquelaris gespræclic
dirivativus ofcumende
adjective adiectivus togeicendlic (togan+ican) towickingish?
comparativus wiðmetenlic
ad mirandum (adverbium) wundrigendlic

Loan creation:

English Ælfric Latin Ælfric OE Notes
case casus gebigednyss
ago getacnian
utrumque (activum et passivum) geþafung
relativus ongeancyrrendlic

Many-word terms:

English Ælfric Latin Ælfric OE Notes
univocus ane clypung
monoptota ane gebigednyss
appellativum ælc oþer nama
impersonale (verbum) butan hade (word)
pars orationis dæl ledenspræce
dirivativus ða ðe cumað of oðrum namum
hexaptota ða ðe habbað syx casus
pentaptota ða ðe habbað fif casus
temporalia ða ðe tida getacniað
tetraptota ða ðe habbað feower casus
triptota ða ðe habbað þry casus
patriae ða geswuteliað þæs mannes eþel
dividua ða getacniað todal mid
gentilia ða getacniað, hwylcere þeode he sig
qualitatis ða getacniað hwylcnysse, hu hit gedon sy
quantitatis ða getacniað mycelnysse or lytelnesse
similtudinis ða getacniað gelicnysse
diptota ða habbað twegen mislice casus
ad aliquid dicta ða synd gecwedened to sumum þinge and ne magon beon gecwedene buton ðam ðinge
adiectiva ða ðe beoð geihte to oðrum namum and getacniað oððe herunge oððe tal
neutropassivum (verbum) ðrowigendlic (word)
denominativa eal þæt of naman cymð
patronomicus fæderlice naman
prosa forðriht leden
periodos geendung ðæs ferses
poetae gelærede sceopas
analogia gelicera ðinga wiðmetnys
ordinalia geswuteliað endbyrdnysse
cardinales numeri heafod getel
sinonima id sunt plurivoca ða getacniað an ðing mid menigfealdre clypunge
fabulae idele spellunga
plurivoca mænigfeald clypung
finitas mid fulre gewissunge
media distinctio middan todal
mentis affectum modes gewilnunge
neutrum naðres cynnes
pronoun pronomen naman speliend spelling name?
omonima ða getacniað ma þinga mid anre clypunge
ethimology ethimologia nomena ordfruma & gescead in AM wordroot
denominativa of ðam naman
gerund gerundia of ðam worde gero ic bere, forðan ðe hi berað manega andgytu.
in loco on stowe on stow
ortographia/rectu scriptura riht gewrit
consonans samod swegend
superlativa se ðridde stæpe
positivus se forma stæpe
comparativa se oðre stæpe
quasi ad aliquid dicta sume syndan fornean þisum
ad locum to stowe to stow
diptongus twyfeald sweg
dubii generis twylices cynnes
voce incondita ungesceapenre stemn
supinum up awend
comparatio similium rerum wiðmetenys geliccra ðinga
adverbium wordes gefera
numeralia þa geswuteliað getel
collectiva þa getacniað on anfealdum getele mycele meniu
facticia þa synd geworhta æfter gelicnysse getacniað, hwylcere þeode he sig
causales þas beoð for sumon intinga gecwedene
impersonale þæt gæð ofer ealle ða oþre fif on ðam ðriddan hade


Don Chapman, Uterque Lingua / Ægðer Gereord: Ælfric’s Grammatical Vocabulary and the Winchester Tradition, The Journal of English and Germanic Philology , Vol. 109, No. 4 (October 2010), pp. 421-445

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